Feb 27

Your Brain on Drugs: Marijuana

TWEET IT – clicktotweet.com This is what you search like, on the within, when using tobacco cannabis. The outcomes of Cannabis on your mind, and how it defines your experience. Prepared and developed by Mitchell Moffit (twitter @mitchellmoffit) and Gregory Brown (twitter @whalewatchmeplz). TWITTER: www.twitter.com Facebook: www.fb.com Songs by Mitchell Moffit www.mitchellmoffit.com http www.fb.com Artwork by Gregory and Mitchell www.gregorybrownart.tumblr.com http Some Sources— 1) hvrd.me two) one.usa.gov three) Physiological Assessment (Journal), vol. eighty three, 2003 4) Memoirs of an Addicted Mind – by Marc Lewis five) one.united states of america.gov six) one.united states of america.gov

25 comments on “Your Brain on Drugs: Marijuana

  1. SabariDaIllest on said:

    All the negative affects of weed- mild short term memory loss(after long time use), paranoia(after long time) Kills brain cells(i assume this causes the short term memory loss)low sperm count.they use weed to treat people with psychosis and autism. weed is a better an natural form of chemo,(it is the closes thing to a cure for cancer)the brain cells that are killed R cancerous. Im not bullshitting u, do the research. THC if legalized would replace ALOT legal medicine and actually more safe.

  2. Graeme van Vogelpoel on said:

    Alcohol is an extreme drug I.M.O.

  3. Gerbilfan4life on said:

    My mind must be full of those things in cannabis then, grief, accept anxiety is the only thing I feel. I’m never taking cannabis, I prefer to become instead of fake it.

  4. SabariDaIllest on said:

    So is sunshine and water(middle finger)

  5. Pradeep Jairam on said:

    *an additive

  6. Daniel Jones on said:

    Marijuana is natural…so are spiders and snakes.

  7. Eddie de Ramon on said:

    This video is perfect because it examines marijuana from a non biased point of view. Although it only addresses the immediate effects of marijuana, it does show that marijuana is distinctively different than its legal counterpart, alcohol. For the record, i use marijuana every day, yet i am taking college classes as a junior in high school and plan to pursue a career in anesthesiology. I also acknowledge that there are plenty of people who use marijuana irresponsibly, though

  8. Charlie Harper on said:

    But are there any negative effects? NOPE

  9. K0olStoryBro on said:

    That is absolutely brilliant.

  10. LEKcreative on said:

    I swear man, if Cannabis isnt legal or decriminalized within 10 years… I will lose all hope humanity…. Or just move to Portugal

  11. Rekar85 on said:

    Jimmy Hendrix , Marvin Gaye , Al Green , Johnny Cash ,Jim Morrison , Bob Marley & The Wailers, Tom Petty , Pink Floyd , Sublime ,The Grateful Dead, Led Zeppelin , Elvis Presley , Ray Charles . Carlos Santana , Bob Dylan , The Who , Rolling Stones…just to name a few I like xD

  12. OneSunsetSilhouette on said:

    Well I never really had a full understanding of it; that’s why I only spoke from experience and examples. Thanks for taking your time to explain this to me.

  13. IlliterateNazi on said:

    I just realized that you’re not the poster I first replied to. Sorry about that, I’m not paying enough attention. Ignore the “alcoholic father” part.
    My point still stands; other side effects exist. But I wanna stress here that I’m against all recreational drugs in general, not just marijuana (including caffeine). I do disagree with the overly negative view that society has on weed while somehow allowing alcohol to be legal. But no unnecessary drugs will, in most cases, be the healthier option.

  14. IlliterateNazi on said:

    Well, acetaminophen has been used to save lives all around the world. And while marijuana hasn’t directly killed anyone, it’s safe to say that it’s ruined lives.
    But really, every drug will have side effects, both save and kill lives, cause and eliminate symptoms, etc. The miracle drug “soma” hasn’t been invented. I myself am strongly against recreational drug use of any kind, not just marijuana.
    It just annoys me when people like 19NoNuM85 put it on a pedestal above all other drugs.

  15. IlliterateNazi on said:

    In fact, to use your argument, there are many studies that show potential health benefits of drinking a small amount of alcohol.
    I will admit I was wrong about the study on lung function of casual marijuana smokers (let’s ignore the fact that it’s just one study). In the end though, the whole purpose of this argument was discussing whether marijuana is good or bad, and since there ARE negative side effects not lung damage-related (e.g. potential for addiction), it’s safe to say it’s not healthy.

  16. IlliterateNazi on said:

    That’s actually quite an interesting study, but it still doesn’t discount the fact of the presence of other side effects (which is even mentioned in that CNN clip).
    Back to the point; you’re defending marijuana because it’s better for you than other drugs. The amount of studies done on the negative effects of marijuana is endless. Also, you say alcohol is disgusting, mentioning your alcoholic father. But then you use a study of casual users, while saying alcohol is disgusting with a heavy user.

  17. kingsl3yisdabest on said:

    Why are attractive people more likely to have a daughter?

  18. SabariDaIllest on said:

    When it comes to nicotine or caffien addiction, when the person quits there body goes through withdrawal( which is physically painfull) when someone who is addicted to marijuana try to quit its only mental urge to get high. Ive seen some people quit easily with no problems at all. Others have a harder time, they fall in love with feelings of weed and dnt want to lose it. “consume the weed, dnt let it consume u”

  19. iloveulll on said:

    yes yes yes and yes
    i want to smoke now
    but i’ve been getting anxiety lately from smoking
    it didn’t used to be like that whenever i first started
    something i’ve learned is that a negative thoughts and a negative state of mind lead to negative energy. it’s a vicious cycle..
    but the exact same thing goes with positive thoughts
    and my high basically consists of my thoughts on steroids
    i’m going to get my happy thoughts back!!

  20. SabariDaIllest on said:

    The title of the CNN clip which is on youtube is titled “smoking marijuana does not cause damage to lungs! 20 year medical study”. Yur the one that needs to read b4 commenting bcuz i said nothing about or anything linked to. “a majority of people” or watever u were babbling about. Lastly i never said u said that its not safer than alot of legal drugs, i used this fact to support my comment.
    NT, your move. Lol i like yur style, but i dnt lose debates,sorry :(

  21. SabariDaIllest on said:

    I just grasped wat u were trying to say. Every drug isnt completly bad for u, would u say that stuff about tylenol? Tylenol which has more deaths than marijuana which has zero

  22. SabariDaIllest on said:

    How the fuck… I said marijuana is a drug by definition then i said it is healthier than most legal drugs. The definition of drug is any substance which alters the way the mind or body normally functions. it is a fact that marijuana is a drug i cant change facts, it is also a fact that it is healthier than alchol which is a legal drug.

  23. SabariDaIllest on said:

    Lol, nah, im just speaking from my experience with marijuana, it did exactly the things he describes. Im only 16 but i actually for most of my life wanted to become a neurologist. Lol

  24. IlliterateNazi on said:

    …Wow. Are you knowingly flaunting your stupidity and enjoying it, or are you really this uneducated? I’m guessing it’s the latter.
    Post-secondary education in this day and age is pretty common. Stop spending your money on weed and go to college. If you’re still in high school, pay the fuck attention in class.
    You clearly have the internet; learn to use Google properly. Find your medical information on a legitimate medical website, not on “High Times” or from your equally uneducated friends.

  25. Heather Shuler on said:

    I’m going to assume you’re a scientist, study some sort of neurology and know exactly how marijuana effects the brain? Somehow, I really doubt this.