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Will a ticket for possession of Marijuana effect my Spain visa application?

Issue by : Will a ticket for possession of Cannabis result my Spain visa application?
I have discovered a household to reside with in Spain, and I am preparing on going to school. For that reason, I am implementing for a student visa. two many years ago I obtained with an oz of weed, it confirmed up on my back again round check even even though in court docket I experienced to spend the court docket price and could not get in difficulties for 6months and it was intended to be dismissed.I failed to get in difficulties and I paid out. What do I do?

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get it taken off your document…go to court and ask the choose to have it expunged. Normally it truly is gonna haunt your ‘record’ as extended as you are alive.

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  1. David

    No idea about Spain … but most countries would not give you a visa

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