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Why do you get red eyes from smoking weed?

Question by Kyra: Why do you get pink eyes from smoking weed?
Why do you get red eyes from smoking cigarettes weed?

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Answer by betty boot woman
place eye drop in prior to you start off using tobacco and following you carried out smoking cigarettes it performs for me

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6 comments on “Why do you get red eyes from smoking weed?

  1. james m on said:

    idk. something about blood flow i’m sure.

    but you, should go smoke another one.

    you can still type right haha


  2. Glowstik Green on said:

    I got the perfect answer.

    when you inhale THC particles your eyes relax, they dry up and the blood vessles constrict in your eye balls from the Ganj… its the truth my friend…

    Try Hash!!!

  3. [Misty] on said:

    i get high everyday before school, and my teacher always says, “Hon, have you been up all night or something? Here, take some eye drops.”

  4. Frances on said:

    THC causes the dilation of blood vessels in the eyes, which often leads to “red-eye.”

  5. Dr.Mendez on said:

    The main psychoactive ingredient in Marijuana (Cannabis Sativa) is THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol). Its effects include an increases in pulse rate, blood pressure, and heartbeat. Eyes become bloodshot and often dry mouth and throat occurs, and a crave for sweets, often referred to as “munchies”. The increase in blood pressure causes the “red eyes” (easily treated with 2 drops of “Visine”), and the sudden drop of sugar level in the blood causes the “munchies” (chocolate or ice cream will increase the sugar level in the blood and the munchies will go away…)

  6. the smoke in the air irratates your eyes