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What are the possible side effects of smoking cannabis while pregnant?

Issue by majickgypsy: What are the possible facet results of using tobacco cannabis although pregnant?
True answers only you should, no crazed proper-wing religious fanatics handing out righteous judgements.
As I stated, no judgement solutions remember to. I in no way stated I was expecting nor that I smoke pot. I want a factual, health care answer. Any person who would like to rant about potheads can get bent.
If any person has a Real response can you remember to include a url to a trustworthy health care internet site or some other reference I can verify for more data?

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Answer by Ace Master Han
Effectively, I can’t say there would be none even so I know an individual who’s mom smoked cannabis whilst she was expecting and the little one is perfectly fine.

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14 comments on “What are the possible side effects of smoking cannabis while pregnant?

  1. shadedwite on said:

    U’ll actually get a real pot head in ur hands pretty soon.

  2. sickskillz883 on said:

    im sure its bad so at least for ur kids sake, chill on the treez please

  3. water on the brain is a serious side affect, as well as many others,

  4. Colleen O on said:

    FACT: cannabis destroys brain cells, brain cells do NOT grow back. Not only does smoking cannabis destroy a pregnant mother’s brain cells but it will also hinder brain growth in the fetus…Ever hear of “Fetal Alcohol Syndrome”? That’s pretty much what happens to a baby who’s mother partakes of cannabis.

    Effects on the fetus
    Women who use cannabis during pregnancy are at increased risk for premature labour and birth. (7)

    Babies born to mothers who use marijuana during pregnancy are more likely to be born smaller than other babies. Marijuana-exposed infants are at increased risk for decreased body length and low birth weight. (7)

    Having a small baby does not mean that labour and delivery will be easier. On the contrary, a smaller baby is not strong enough to help in its delivery, making labour more difficult. Low-birth-weight infants are also more likely to have health problems as they grow.

  5. evil_kandykid on said:

    It really depends. My mom smoked pot occasionally while she was pregnant with me, and I had no problems from it. The possible side effects are wide, and varied, and I think as long as the use is very limited, rare. Doing it earlier in the pregnancy can cause more risks then later in the pregnancy since the baby is devoloping more in the begining. I honestly wouldn’t suggest doing it though, cause even if the side effects are rare, is it really worth harming your baby?

  6. lillypud on said:

    Mothers who smoke marijuana on a regular basis have been reported of having babies with a weak central nervous system. These babies show abnormal reactions to light and sound, exhibit tremors and startles, and have the high-pitched cry associated with drug withdrawal. Occurring at five times the rate of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Fetal Marijuana Syndrome is a growing concern of many doctors. Furthermore, doctors worry that children born to “pot-head” mothers will have learning disabilities, attention deficits and hormonal irregularities as they grow older, even if there are no apparent signs of damage at birth. Pregnant or nursing mothers who smoke marijuana should talk to their doctors immediately. I hope this information makes you re-think smoking pot while you are pregnant – that poor child does not have a choice. You should be extremely grateful that you have been blessed with a baby – by smoking pot you are jeopardising this! There are people out there that would do absolutely anything to have a baby and here you are abusing it! You should be ashamed of yourself.

  7. pheng l on said:

    1.cause birth defects in your unborn child
    2.smoking can damage the fetus as well as the mother
    3.lower the weight of the babie
    4. babies of smokers appear to be more jittery and difficult to soothe than babies of non-smokers.
    5.babies who die less than a week after birth die because of problems caused by their mothers’ smoking during pregnancy
    6. You’re more likely to give birth to a “preemie,” a premature baby, who runs a greater risk of birth complications and serious illness.
    7. You’re more likely to have a miscarriage or to deliver a stillborn baby.
    8. Your baby runs a greater risk of developing Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or SIDS.
    9. You’re more likely to develop pre-eclampsia, a potentially life-threatening condition related to high blood pressure

  8. phoenix on said:

    pot renders you to be impaired.

    this is not a normal state for your body or your judgement. conversely, people are known to use cannabis as a medical aid. for sure, you’d have to be informed……..yeah?

  9. jefferysmith20012002 on said:

    well i have to say smokeing can really hurt the baby ether with the thinking or the body or both i hope you are happy for doing this to the child that is not born yet female who stilll smoke should think about the unbron baby for gosh shakes man

  10. Dear Alice,

    What happens if you smoke weed while you are pregnant? Will the baby have problems in the future?

    Dear Reader,
    Research studies have shown that women who use recreational drugs during pregnancy tend to use marijuana, thinking that it won’t harm the fetus as much as other illegal substances. Although no clear-cut deformity or syndrome is known to occur due to marijuana use during pregnancy (as there is from alcohol use, for example, with fetal alcohol syndrome), there are possible dangers.

    First of all, smoking anything during pregnancy deprives the fetus of oxygen. Just as smoking tobacco is discouraged in pregnant women, so is smoking marijuana. Smoking any type of substance interferes with the fetus’s blood supply. This can mean the fetus doesn’t get enough oxygen, and s/he may be born smaller in both weight and length. Smaller babies have a higher risk of other problems after birth, such as infections, severe jaundice, difficulty feeding, breathing problems, low blood sugar, difficulty regulating temperature, bleeding into the brain, and problems with vision.

    Secondly, marijuana is frequently and unpredictably “cut” with other substances. So the fetus may be unintentionally exposed to other potentially harmful substances in addition to marijuana.

    Marijuana can also be transmitted through breast milk. Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC (the main active ingredient in marijuana), can be as much as 8 times higher in breast milk than in the mother’s bloodstream. Babies whose mothers have used marijuana during pregnancy or while breastfeeding sometimes seem jittery and difficult to comfort. They may have some delay in the development of their motor skills, although studies have concluded that this delay may not be permanent. In any case, it is advisable not to smoke marijuana while breastfeeding.

    Since we’re on the subject of substance use during pregnancy and breastfeeding, if you already drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes, it’s in your baby’s (and your) best health interests to stop when you are pregnant. During the nursing period, it’s commonly recommended that mothers drink only modest amounts of alcohol, delay breastfeeding for 2 – 3 hours after drinking alcohol, and avoid exposing the baby to second-hand smoke.

    It should be noted that much of the research on the effects of prenatal exposure to marijuana has been complicated and inconclusive. This is mainly because it is difficult to isolate the effects of marijuana from other possible factors such as alcohol, other drug use, socioeconomic status, family structure, and mother’s personality. All in all, the healthiest choice for you and your baby is to avoid using recreational chemicals, including marijuana, while pregnant. As difficult as it may be to change one’s lifestyle, taking a break from smoking cigarettes and joints, and drinking alcohol and using other drugs, can help set your baby up for a long, healthy life.

  11. Roisin O on said:

    A quieter baby-no bad thing!

  12. earthenergyherbs on said:

    I cant give you medical answers because quite frankly, there are none that are proven statistically and factually. But I do know of two woman who smoked while pregnant. Both situations were very different. The first woman was very underweight to begin with and had the worst case of morning sickness she couldnt even keep water down. She was miserable. She quit smoking cigs right away cold turkey and initially did stop smoking pot. Her boyfriend suggested she smoke a little to see if it would help with the nausea and she did and it helped alot plus it gave her the munchies and she ate heartely and kept it down. I have little doubt that in that case it actually had its benefits. the baby weighed in at 8.3 lbs. and was born on his due date. and to this day he is a very healthy boy. No learning issues or anything like that. Now another woman I know, abused it, she smoked constantly. It was like she wasnt pregnant. She didnt eat right, she also smoked cigs and I think she occasionally had a beer. The baby was born 3 weeks early so was somewhat small (6.5 lbs) seems healthy enough but cries alot. The baby is still a baby so I cant say of the long term like the other child who is now 12 and perfectly perfect. So no judgements here, I really think it depends more on the health of the mother and the frequency of use. If abused I hear of premature birth, low birth weight basically the same as smoking cigs. But the jury is still out.

  13. swapan42k on said:

    Dear Madam,
    You are getting free advice in this forum. When you are getting it free – its very high chance that you will get something which you don’t need or don’t like. However along with the question if you add so many clauses that too rudely no one would be interested to give you any answer.

    I normally spend some time for research on different sites before giving a serious answer. Here I am not feeling like doing any research.

    Anyway whatever is the side effects of smoking of cannabis its certainly is not good. Its going have some bad impact.

  14. summer h on said:

    my mom did it with my little sister shes mostly norm but a little slow no joke don’t do that sh&t to your kid they say smoknking one joint is =to ten cigs and they tell you what that does