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What are the effects of Marijuana on an unborn baby?

Issue by Mom2Be: What are the effects of Cannabis on an unborn baby?
I utilized to smoke pot every single day, up until finally about 4 months ago when I began trying to get pregnant. Considering that then, I have only smoked twice. I discovered out that I am 14 weeks pregnant. Thank goodness I stopped cigarette smoking when I did, because it appears I obtained expecting proper absent. What I would truly like to know is if I require to be anxious about the 2 moments that I have smoked it even though expecting. FYI: I have had an ultrasound. Baby is really healthy, shifting all around a good deal, regular duration and excess weight. So, what are the later on results?

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Answer by smg6959
individuals two times shouldnt influence the little one, but dont smoke it again whilst your pregnant or even immediately after you have the little one. its extremely harmful

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  1. Oh, you’ll be fine.

  2. gee…keep smokin and let us know what happens!!!

  3. mystic_eye_cda on said:

    None. Medical Marijuana is approved for use during pregnancy, now abuse is a whole other story, but a couple of joints will not hurt the baby.



    Edited to add:

    Wow! Two thumbs down for pointing out that marijuana can be used as medication and as such is approved for use during pregnancy with almost 0 side effects.

    Betcha these people don’t even question it if their doc tells the to take a category C drug, but noooooooo can’t suggest marijuana use might be useful during pregnancy.

    How about oil of oregano then? That’s natural and not a “drug” think that’s safe?

    “Oregano should not be used during pregnancy as it stimulates menstruation and may cause miscarriage.12 The oil should not be used internally by anyone. Topically, the volatile oil of oregano may be moderately irritating to skin and can be a potent mucous membrane irritant. It should not be applied topically to mucous membranes in greater than a 1% concentration.13 Children less than two years of age and people with damaged or very sensitive skin should not use the oil topically.”

    Yup sure is safe. When are people going to realise marijuana is an herb, just like any other.

  4. brittany4jesus on said:

    It would be rare to affect the baby for smoking twice. But if it is very heavy in your system the baby could have some birth defects and could be sick when it is born.

  5. Fashionista on said:

    It’s good that you’ve stopped. If you continued, the baby would be born addicted to it. You probably already know that though! It can also cause birth defects. The two times you’ve done it shouldn’t effect the baby at all at this point. Especially if you haven’t done it in the past few days and allowed it to get out of your system.

  6. emeraldsnb on said:

    I wouldn’t be concerned about smoking twice but I wouldn’t smoke anymore. It can cause learning disabilities in children and lower iq’s. I know this from watching my friend with her children. She didn’t smoke with her first child and she is doing great in school and is very bright and active. Her second child she smoked a couple of times a week and the little girl is mellow and not very curious about things and she doesn’t do well in school. With the third child she smoked all the time and the little girl is slow to develop and didn’t walk until she was 17 months old and she has to see a speech therapist because she won’t talk that much.

  7. kikikicombobreaker on said:

    no effects at all

  8. teel2624 on said:

    My friend (despite my somewhat harsh berating) smoked pot often while pregnant. The child is now about 3 and a half years old and doesn’t seem to have developmental problems.

    Congrats on being pregnant!

  9. larvamama on said:

    email me and I have done research on this! I have about a page and a half on this!

  10. Poopsie on said:

    My mom smoked pot while pregnant with me and my three other sisters and we all came out fine (by that I mean no birth defects or illness). I wouldn’t recommend smoking though, I am pretty sure you and your baby will be fine, just start taking care of yourself.

  11. Cliff Schaffer on said:

    You have nothing to worry about. There have been studies done in places like Jamaica where the pregnant women consumed quantities during pregnancy that would be huge by US standards.

    The result was no significant difference. Forget the people who will tell you about babies being born addicted to it and birth defects and such. That is nonsense.

    Think about it. About half the US population has used it — including millions of pregnant women. If there was any real danger it would be painfully apparent by now. Marijuana, in general, has amazingly low toxicity.

    It is a good idea to take only those drugs which are absolutely medically necessary during pregnancy but you have nothing to worry about. You should be far more concerned about things like nutrition.