Jan 17

Weed Wednesday – How Weed Effects Relationships – Black Ops 2

Hope you all appreciated Weed Wednesday! Allow me know some of your activities in the comment area underneath! 45 Likes? Thank You All Again and As Always… Continue to be T…


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  1. Matao Williams

    Song in the beginning? And my friends that introduced me to weed taught me
    how to do things properly for my first time. Then from that point on i
    would hang out with them all the time.Felt connected with them. I cant now
    because we kind of all parted ways moving to different places but i wont
    forget the moments we had.

  2. Sully Mays



    KMAC - Higher

  4. CnCEmpire

    There needs to be more Wednesdays in a week! great video


    Send me a friend request, YEA_IM_SURE

  6. alfonso munoz

    Wats the name of the song

  7. DancingGophers

    thats why iit was in 240p for me

  8. DancingGophers

    sorry I was having a problem with my browser

  9. VerskiiHD

    Hey man, not trying to be a Grammar Nazi, but instead of effect in the
    title it should be affect. Love your videos, keep up the good work. :)

  10. Sheldon Belcher

    amazing story cool stepdad

  11. Jimmy Jenks

    Great story and video!

  12. Halo3fanatic1998

    Weed brought me and my cousin together, I was scared of him cuz he couldn’t
    handle his ADHD without pills so he’d go lunatic crazy. Then I I bought
    some weed for the first time and was like “hey I got some weed, wanna
    smoke?” Then we were chill

  13. vg scopezz

    Awesome do more weed videos :)

  14. CandaceScissorhands

    awwww, how sweet (:

  15. DancingGophers

    im not having an issue with your mic its your ideo quality thats the problem

  16. Mathew Dacosta

    Thanks and I love this vid




    Thank you man


    KMAC - Higher, That sucks man. Hopefully you all can reunite someday!

  20. TaylorGang46920

    Add me xXxRNBKxXx love your channel bro.

  21. xCraZedxKillerz

    Don’t be to critical on yourself, your mic quality is perfectly fine

  22. idontgiveaxf

    He already posted in the comments for the intro

  23. XxAgitatedxBalloonxX

    What was the intro song name?

  24. Skyler McGinnis

    Was that you in the intro?

  25. GUNZaddict1

    Thanks :)

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