Nov 14

Video Essay: Medical Pot’s Problems for Parents

Much more than a 10 years following states started approving cannabis for healthcare use, its part in custody disputes stays a facet effect. The AP talks to a Washington s…

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17 comments on “Video Essay: Medical Pot’s Problems for Parents

  1. H0TD0GM4N69 on said:

    Nicholas pouch is my father and he is a terrible person. I hate him and he
    is a terrible parent. I don’t like seeing him an he uses pot way too much.
    My mom is my legal guardian an she is 20 times better parent than he is. So
    for all you people that think he is good and my mom is bad you should
    rethink your thoughts.

  2. joe biden on said:

    Thats crazy leave the man alone especially if its THC free pot with CBD.

  3. GodKillerAtheist on said:

    Legalize Marijuana or ban tobacco and alcohol

  4. MrAubery on said:

    I thought the human lungs were basically meant to breath oxygen not smoke

  5. Harkai11b on said:

    @cdltpx your only that sensitive to it because you havent used it enough
    once you become a heavy daily habitual user it will be just like smoking a
    cigarette except it cant give you cancer …. and it doesnt have 113
    chemicals in it …

  6. RevolutionNewsDotUS on said:

    Cannabis stops cancer (Harvard) Cannabis stops breast cancer (UCSF)
    Cannabis grows brain cells in mice (Princeton) Cannabis is a cousin of the
    HEMP plant… HEMP Can’t get you high yet it’s illegal… HEMP is Illegal
    because it’s the most useful plant in the world… it’s the best fuel,
    paper, fiber, food, shelter… and corporations can’t patent a plant! “HEMP
    can’t get you high unless you smoke a joint the size of a telephone pole!”
    Dr. Ron Paul Daily News & Video @ RevolutionNews.US

  7. aridderb on said:

    If you were on oxy and prozac theyd never even have a problem. fight the
    good fight, babylon must fall

  8. Paul Brazzle on said:

    Are you kidding me…..? A pot smoker is a pot smoker, period.

  9. J Morrisette on said:

    Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness my ass. We live in a country
    that treats the adults like children.

  10. Nicholas Reilly on said:

    so stupid because alcohol affects more parent and children relationships
    etc. than marijuana and it was the stupidest comment from that woman at the
    start. I can’t believe parts of societys these days, so ignorant.

  11. SolarEXtract on said:

    Where’s the logic in taking someone’s kids from them because they choose
    something that’s safer than coffee? “a relatively new substance”? Is this
    chick from 20 million years ago?

  12. EssiacHempLaetrile on said:

    @RevolutionNewsDotUS … Ted Kennedy, Glioma, PMID: 18615640 Terry Fox,
    Bone Cancer, PMID: 19221634 Paul Newman, Lung Cancer, PMID: 19914218 Farrah
    Fawcett, Anal Cancer, PMID: 12648025 Dennis Hopper, Prostate Cancer, PMID:
    19690545 Patrick Swayze, Pancreatic Cancer, PMID: 16818650 Linda McCartney,
    Breast & Liver Cancer, PMID: 11269508 & PMID: 19059457

  13. BClocals . on said:

    Thats sad. Marijuana is not a new drug…Its been around for thousands of
    years along with civilization. No wonder the DEA wants us to be a bunch of
    pill poppers.

  14. stashazuid on said:

    I have known Nick’s Family for years. His upbringing has made him the
    loving naturalist that he is today. The love in that family is as true as
    Nick says in his interview. Blessings for the Pouch Family to be reunited.

  15. EssiacHempLaetrile on said:

    Dr. Liu … “Cannabis destroys Cancer Cells” Dr. Melamede … “Cannabinoids
    kill Cancer Cells” Dr. Di Marzo … “THC exhibits anti – tumor effects on
    various Cancer Cell types” Dr. Guzman … “THC can promote the autophagic
    death of human & mouse Cancer Cells” Dr. Mechoulam … “we gave THC oil
    drops 400 times to children 1 -13 years old with Cancer & prevented
    vomiting & nausea 100%”

  16. drewski07251992 on said:

    so sad… people just really don’t understand. marijuana is not as bad as
    they think it is. the only reason why people think marijuana is bad is
    because the law says it is! its BULLSHIT. let the dood chill with his

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