Nov 29

VA prohibits medical marijuana prescriptions

VA prohibits medical marijuana prescriptions

VA = United States Division of Veteran Affairs. There are a lot more than 1200 New Mexicans legally using medical cannabis underneath condition law, of those, about twenty five p.c of them are veterans returning from war with Post Traumatic Tension Dysfunction. But at VA hospitals nationwide, physicians are becoming instructed not to give out prescriptions since health-related cannabis is nonetheless unlawful beneath federal regulation. A memo sent out to VA physicians has mentioned if they were to help clients get healthcare cannabis by filling out types, it could suggest their license to prescribe medication could be revoked and could even end result in criminal fees.
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6 comments on “VA prohibits medical marijuana prescriptions

  1. john barkand on said:

    I’m with ya comrade. VA sucks. The stories i could tell.

  2. marsvolta1386 on said:

    i agree, it’s a shame how the Gov has lied about Pot all this time.

  3. Potemtole on said:

     i was about to write the same thing, lol. The government WORKS for US THE PEOPLE not the other way around. We pay them to serve us how we want to be served, not so government can rule with an iron fist. This is a democracy not a monachy. Stand up and make your voice heard, send letters, show up on their front door with a full presentation proving that cannabis is less harmful than caffine, asprin, sugar, and a plethera of other acepted DRUGS that are ok to feed our children!

  4. marsvolta1386 on said:

    lol “Nothing we can do about federal law” Wow lady really nothing we can do? how about sending letters to your congressmen and women, sending letters to your states representatives, calling them, marches, pff give me a brake this isn’t Cuba.

  5. g3baldridge on said:

    I served my country in Vietnam and suffer with a multitude of medical problems / 7 screws 5 rods and 2 connectors in my back and suffer severe Chronic Pain 24/7 to where cannabis could help but they “VA” say the only thing they can give me for my suffering of 43 years is Morphine!!! Which is worst, Smoking Some Pot Every Day? Or being stoned unconscious by morphine?

  6. HolisticPlantHealth on said:

    1:15 There is nothing we can do about federal law (?) what is a Ignorant defeatist attitude.
    Why is it that nearly every story you hear covered on broadcast TV (Not just CAnnabis stories either) has someone interviewed who inevitably doesn’t have a clue what they are talking and gives absolutely no helpful information about the topic yet are billed as an expert or at the least qualified to open their mouth to talk when they are not qualified to talk period.