Jun 24

The Truth and Facts of Marijuana

Cannabis is much considerably less unsafe than alcohol or tobacco. Close to 50000 men and women die every single 12 months from liquor poisoning. Similarly, a lot more than 400000 deaths every single …
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25 comments on “The Truth and Facts of Marijuana

  1. DankHerbShit on said:

    You really don’t know anything about weed do you? I’m sorry but what you’ve said is extremely wrong and misguided. Before you condemn people and say their prices of shit for smoking do your research and don’t take just the bad things you hear or see. Thanks. @JailPotUsersForLife

  2. JailPotUsersForLife on said:

    Oh sure, if they get enough dispensable human subjects like you, they’ll test ANYTHING. Hell, they’d ask you to drink battery acid & run a mile if you agreed to it, just to see if the effects are worse than smoking pot. Actually, they already did that test, & they discovered drinking battery acid is much safer than smoking pot.

  3. bojangle78 on said:

    Haha grow up man.

  4. JailPotUsersForLife on said:

    Nervous laughter from bojangle78… trying to keep up a brave front, but it’s crumbling fast. Almost as fast as his health is deteriorating from his chronic weed abuse (as he reaches for his small nuts to check for lumps…)

  5. bojangle78 on said:

    Haha grow up man.

  6. JailPotUsersForLife on said:

    It’s not “mine”, & it’s not bullshit, unless you ignore all science, lol. You use a computer, don’t you? Guess what? Scientists… You watch TV… based on science. You use a car… based on science. You know I could go on & on. You’re just SCARED, lol. You’re so friggin scared you dumped a load in your pants. Admit it, you cock smoker. hahahhaa!!!

  7. bojangle78 on said:

    Haha I’m not butt hurt in the slightest, I smoke weed all the time, I’m not even “nut hurt”! Ohhh! Lol, in reference to your whole testicular cancer bull shit.

  8. JailPotUsersForLife on said:

    Hahaha, Go argue with gthe scientists, not me. I’m not the one that conducted the study. Just reporting the FACTS, ma’am. I can’t help it if you’re BUTTHURT over the truth.

  9. bojangle78 on said:

    Yeah, because you aren’t biased at all.

  10. Tiwalola Oriola on said:

    So why is the goverment allowed to test the effect of marijuana when its a scedual 1 drug they would never let anyone test the effects of heroine??

  11. theesleepykid on said:

    summarize please

  12. JailPotUsersForLife on said:

    In 2009 the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Ctr found pot users are 70% more prone to testicular cancer (nonseminoma) than non-pot smokers, especially if they started smoking before age 18. Nonseminoma grows quickly & often strikes between the ages of 20 & 35. Daling, Janet; Swartz, Stephen (2009-03-15). “Marijuana Use Linked To Increased Risk Of Testicular Cancer”, Cancer journal (American Cancer Society).

  13. theesleepykid on said:

    Interesting… Tobacco is legal and causes cancer while Cannabis is illegal and kills cancer cells. My theory is that the government is keeping it for themselves to feel power and to separate themselves from the lower class.

  14. TheCanchola2 on said:

    *were *you *too *there’s

  15. benward1988 on said:

    really? where u to stoned to realize theres pause button bro?

  16. jcMarcell on said:

    they could build a store like a fucking bank, then, drive through or walk in, go up to the couner, get some weed, and walk out, or drive up, put a dub in, come back with a fat ass bag.. its that simple… i mean its like so easy!!! why not just sell fucking weed at a bank for that matter… governement is soooooooo dumb… ima smoke it regardless soooooowho cares ;)

  17. jcMarcell on said:

    i mean they probably think that if they made it legal, that the only way they could make money is selling it in drug stores, and then think that people would try to rob the store, but it would be easy if people could make the store as secure as a fucking gun store, or like one of the 3 huge ass police departments that they built downtown rockford.. i mean it cant be that hard… a small small store that sells weed and only weed, with a security guard at the fucking window…

  18. jcMarcell on said:

    this corrupted ass governemt is like, lets make pot illegal, that way all the drug dealers and pot smokers can go crazy trying to hide it, sell it, smoke it, grow it, get locked up over it, and kill one another for it… and they sit back on their fat lazy money hungry asses, and watch, LETTING IT HAPPEN.. this shows how stupid the fucking fucked up corrupted ass government is…. its the perfect money gain scheme, and they dont even wanna take a shot at it because they want it ALL or none

  19. jcMarcell on said:

    look at it this way, if my weed man come to me with some dirty ass regee (that he grew himself), and then i can go to a legalized drug store that sells weed, and they got some fire ass kush (grown by the government) for the same price, which would you fucking buy!!!! its that simple… but instead, the dumb ass government makes it ilegal because they want the profits from dirty ass regee and fire ass kuch.. it just goes to show how fucking money hungry the government is

  20. jcMarcell on said:

    the fucking stupid ass corrupted ass greedy ass money hungry governement that we revolve around are too greedy and fucking stupid to make it legal because if they cant make money from ALLL the kush bags in this country, they would rather not make any… they are so fucking stupid… and greedy… they want to be money hungry and get all the profits from it, instead of just sell it and make what they can…

  21. bobmarley8644 on said:

    Good job “Bulltrue32″ spread the trought.

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  23. Alejandro Briones on said:

    that’s impressive… you could have invited ¬¬ hahaha

  24. zachary lee on said:

    I made a bowl out of a n64 control i would load 1-2 gram nugs in it and they would be gone in like 10-15 hits O.O

  25. 206SeatownBalla on said:

    Hey hey hey …. smoke weed erryday!”