Dec 19

The Medical Facts On marijuana

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25 comments on “The Medical Facts On marijuana

  1. William Newman on said:

    Learn to spell before you speak. The idea of a deity is so old and irrational it only shows how much of a low-income, low-intelligence, and weak your entire argument is. No entity can say what is right for you, especially not illegal and illicit drugs.
    Face your problems sober and become strong.
    Avoid your problems and get high to become stuck for life in a drug-based routine.

  2. chad lance on said:

    NO facts here. this is all spin spin!!!!! could mite sum people are saying these are all spin words!! marijuana IS THE SAFES medical design sent strati form GOD to u so smoke up and be happy. GOD bless to all users and please pray for all those that are locked up wrongfully

  3. Ricy Mardona on said:

    good video. Thanks to sharing with us.

  4. KibblesnDeth on said:

    Their full coverage on this was probably biased like everything else they report on.

  5. soundman420 on said:

    HSBC caught laundering billions of dollars for Mexican drug cartels and terrorist organizations such as Al Qaeda and Hamas. Free all the non-violent drug offenders and arrest the corrupt bankers instead. There are worse things in life than drugs.

  6. soundman420 on said:

    Prohibition ruins lives and families, not cannabis.

  7. OCEANCORA on said:

    Oh yeah!! :)

  8. DustyOneTimer on said:

    thats why its illegal.

  9. Snap Spaz on said:

    So much tension on a fucking plant that doesnt kill you. What the fuck makes me sick and makes me want to fucking throw shoes at every city hall that doesn’t have marijuana fully legal by the trillions of fucking pounds so that I dont have to get on my laptop and be fucking pissed off and then my punching bag and then maybe hit a random person because I can’t smoke weed in Florida fucking hell fucking shit fucke fidiifjafiojpfiedjpfsjfioajefiosejfiaseopfjaspojeepfiaefioaejofiaje

  10. SanitiveRevolution on said:

    Big Pharm opposes legalization because you can’t patent a plant. “Medicine”, pills, syrups, ointments etc. are ALL SYNTHETIC versions of different herbs and plants. The reason why there are soooooo many “side-effects” is that your body is not designed to recognize and process synthetic substances! So they add this and that to make them tolerable which only increases the potential toxicity even more!! Your body is naturally ready for marijuana, although it effects people differently.

  11. Johhny spritzle on said:

    Change “one of” to “the most” and now you’re talking my lingo

  12. Chuck Norris on said:

    go ahead. they will sooner kill me than take my weed

  13. geromino97 on said:

    huh i finally found out chuck norris weakness take weed from him and he will commit suicide im going to sell this information to all the armies in the world im going to be a rich man

  14. Chuck Norris on said:

    hahahahahaha are you kidding me? if i didnt have a joint waiting for me when i get home every day i would have killed myself looooonnnnggggg ago. im sure im working at least a LITTLE bit more than a dead man…

  15. TruthTeller878 on said:

    You people that use Marijuana are being deceived by your corrupt politicians. Research the history of the French Revolution. WAKE-UP PEOPLE!…the corrupt politicians actually want you to use Marijuana and toxic FDA drugs. People can be put under mind control much easier when effected by Marijuana & FDA drugs. CIA used mind control when giving people LSD. Study shocking facts of history if you have a love for the truth.
    Private Investigator Sinne
    U.S.A. Washington

  16. geromino97 on said:

    smoking marijuana will make you less caring on working

  17. playbook008 on said:

    “Lower worker productivity!?” American workers are exploited, since they put in more hours than any western industrial nation compared to days off, and vacation time!

    Legalize marijuana use would lessen the work stress! But I beat for profit jails would not be in favor of it, because 70% of those incarcirated are in jail for mariuana use and posession.

  18. Brooks Bonkoski on said:

    To clarify, I was referring to the marijuana salesman interviewed at the beginning of the video.

    I am pretty impressed with the quality of information in this clip. The doctor was clearly pushing an agenda, but he never made any false claims and avoided hyperbole/sensationalism… I am pleasantly surprised.

  19. Brooks Bonkoski on said:

    This man is taking advantage of a corrupt system to make money. Medical marijuana is a scam. It’s a plant that can grow almost anywhere. Seeds are cheap and reproduce themselves… instead we are paying several hundred dollars for a single OUNCE of this plant’s flowers! Don’t let the pharmecutical industry hijack marijuana like they did opium. Grow your own to fight this fleecing!

  20. David Miller on said:

    With the legalization of marijuana, including the legal right to grow your own pot, the drug cartels would take a huge hit financially. Period. They say the cartels would simply sell more of other drugs like cocaine. You can’t sell more product if people aren’t buying it. You can’t just make people buy more cocaine and heroine just because you need the money. And if people dont buy pot from street dealers anymore, they wont be introduced to the other drugs that they sell.

  21. BrokenBon3sx on said:

    @tondia2002 ‘hardcore’ smoker? Hardcore Anything does harm you stupid fuck. Medical marijuana is legal at my where abouts you objective simple minded boy. Come at me with an intelligent argument next time.

  22. tondia2002 on said:

    Ur a casual user so your experience doesn’t count. I would classify you as a law breaker. I was referring to hardcore smokers.

  23. Mario Quesada on said:

    yeah, and live and let die, if it’s their choice.
    There are so many other real causes of death that are not addressed in this corrupted society much worse than the issue of smoking marijuana.
    As a non American I find that the American government is one of the most corrupted in the world,

  24. Mario Quesada on said:

    Yeah, long term dangers for the pharmaceutical companies, such as less money spent on chemical drugs.
    This doctor is a hypocrite because he could say exactly the same thing about most pharmaceuticals, they all have long term and even short term side effects, but they are still legal and even many are addictive.
    The Medical Association is against marijuana because it’s a political issue and it would compete with the chemical drugs.
    Marijuana is not convenient because it is not patentable.

  25. BrokenBon3sx on said:

    These are actual facts, i’m not going to change you’re mind; you’re what i refer to as a ‘closed door.’ Hopefully my messege shines through the backlash of you negatively voted comment. I smoke pot casually; have been for 4 years. I’ve never touched another drug.