Feb 09

The Hot Box – FED’S Stay out of Montana Medical Marijuana

The Hot Box - FED'S Stay out of Montana Medical Marijuana

The Very hot Box movies a quick, below thirty moment “documentary” on the Federal healthcare cannabis raids that took spot in Montana in early March. Have any costs been pressed but? NOPE, not as of the creating and uploading of this footage. From our point of view, the federal federal government went in, stole property, and stomped all over these people’s legal rights as governed by Montana Condition Regulation. We the individuals voted to make healthcare cannabis Authorized OVERWHELMINGLY again in 2004, and it is appalling that we squander so considerably time and so many methods striving to go towards the will of the folks and repealing, or strictly over-regulating medical cannabis to the position the entire technique / sector collapses. We will not stand for it! The people have spoken, and keep on to communicate. Join us as we present you the streets of Kalispell Montana in the course of the protest vigil, then we head to Missoula Montana for the protest and speaker interviews. There are lots of great people speaking in this footage, among them are: Tara – Sunny Daze Emporium Mat Lee – The Hot Box / The Jamhole podcasts Ian – Big Sky Overall health Sandy – The Sizzling Box / Compassion Facilities of Montana Dennis – Individuals and Family members United John Masterson – Montana NORML Chris Lindsey – Lawyer Doug Chyatte – Montanan’s for Responisble Laws Look at as the folks make a stand and jointly, with 1 voice say, We will not allow the federal authorities to lie and make legal guidelines based on false premise. That is corrupt, and will not be tolerated. Observe the Scorching Box
Movie Score: 4 / 5

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Online video Rating: 3 / five

16 comments on “The Hot Box – FED’S Stay out of Montana Medical Marijuana

  1. LegalizeLiving on said:

    ya amsterdam has some pretty shitty weed, even compaired to our black market shit. “BEST” more like “WORST” in my eyes. and i live in texas.

  2. LegalizeLiving on said:

    its a lack of america being american.

  3. freeloader322 on said:

    Hahaha what a pitty, then to know that i can walk to the corner of my street and walk in a coffeshop and buy the best pot in the world and have fun all day :-)

  4. shortcoursetim on said:

    hey im thinking about moving to montana for a job offer from nevada. i have a medical card here in nv. and i was wondering how montana is doing with the laws of marijuana. are there alot of problems and law enforcement.

  5. 1modermwarfare2weed on said:

    if the just legalize it it would be no problem.why the hell would the have sigerets legal when it kills ppl and give ppl cancer.u never here of weed doing that do u ..the government can make a shit load of money off of it if it were legal

  6. KripDrip on said:

    there needs to be a civil war against the feds

  7. lavaboy23 on said:

    thx for this long video. Free The Pot!!!!

  8. nikeSBism on said:

    could someone please help me obtain some medicine, please message me im legitimate and really could use some help
    peace & pot

  9. Keith Higgins on said:

    If we had a Militia we could protect ourselves.

  10. veganjack on said:

    “We were not protected.”  I love it.

  11. hazmatikus on said:

    Glad you guys are enjoying it. Can’t wait to make some footage from the Garden City Expo this weekend!

  12. Hiedi Handford on said:

    Mah Peeps! Mah FOLK! Mah fellow “scourge”…….at least that’s what our legislative body has labeled Montana Medical Cannabis patients.

    Good job folks! LOVE TO ALL!!!!!

  13. Tara Blomquist on said:

    Huge smile on my face after watching. Love to see people fight for their rights!

  14. esareteefour on said:

    never should of had to to shut down! fuckin feds and thier bullshit!!

  15. esareteefour on said:

    best caregiver shop ever!!! great group of people running the shop and i hope for many more great years to come! Happy 420! and suck on my balls all u marijuana haters! josh d.

  16. reggamuffin21 on said:

    this is bad ass!