Sep 16

the argument for industrial hemp and medical marijuana in KS

the argument for industrial hemp and marijuana in KS
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Wichita shows support for medical marijuana

Wichita demonstrates assistance for health-related marijuana and i also received a sunburn. www.medcankan.org


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  1. Brandon Waide

    lets legalize not descrimenize

  2. a4nak8r

    Great video! Thanks for posting it. Hemp CAN save the world! Medical marijuana saves lives.

  3. ChemicalMethod

    this is about allowing safe access for sick people, they shouldn’t have to deal with drug dealers or the police.

  4. ibelong2Yaweh

    you might consider moving to California if you want it so bad. it’s on practically every street corner.

  5. CrucifiedDionysus

    great video though glad to see people are opening their minds.

  6. CrucifiedDionysus

    Barrack Obama was supposed to be open to this, then he sends his DEA thugs to bust legal pot pharmacies in states where medical marijuana is legal.

  7. Emuna Wyatt

    Right! it’s a dictatorship with conflict of interest in public office … that is the real #corruption

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