Jan 25

The Alliance

A first man or woman appear at a authorized medical cannabis transaction in Fairfax, CA and the Marin Alliance for Health-related Marijuana dispensary. Contains an job interview and mini-tour by founder/operator Lynnette Shaw. This four moment movie was entered in the Fairfax Documentary Movie Challenge of 2009. It was created by Ed Dudkowski and David Zacharin. The challenge was to produce a four-min documentary about a exclusive facet of life in Fairfax, CA, often known as “Mayberry on Acid in 48 several hours.
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Federal prosecutors in California are threatening to shut down health care marijuana dispensaries through the state, sending letters to alert landlords to quit product sales of the drug in 45 times or face the likelihood that their home will be seized and they will be sent to jail. The stepped-up enforcement appears to be a main escalation in the Obama administration’s bid to rein in the explosive distribute of health care cannabis retailers that was accelerated by the announcement that federal prosecutors would not focus on folks making use of medical cannabis in states that let it. “It really is generally the federal bureaucracy performing what it has done for the last fifteen years and just continuing to place its head in the sand and stating no on this,” said Dale Gieringer, the director of California NORML. The four US attorneys have scheduled a information conference for Friday morning in Sacramento to outline their ideas to target cannabis cultivation and revenue in California. Before this yr, the prosecutors circulated an inside memo that indicated they would emphasis enforcement attempts on dispensaries and growers that dealt with a lot more than 200 kilograms or a one thousand crops a calendar year. Landlords for some dispensaries have currently acquired letters, like the owner of the developing that properties the Marin Alliance for Medical Marijuana in Fairfax, Calif., the oldest dispensary in the state. That letter notes that the dispensary is inside of a prohibited distance of a park, elevating the chance that prosecutors

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  1. jkfenley7 on said:

    Great simple, straight forward, honest reporting.  Excellent video footage. A very presentable documentary for a broad audience base. Good work Ed and David! Spread the word… jkf

  2. meetyourneighbor on said:

    I thought this was done really well.
    The whole experience was like going there.
    Also explaining the difference types of medical marijuana and which was better for pain and nasea was great. Helps show that pot is just not pot.

    Thanks for your work.

  3. AndriaDevonahi958 on said:

    hehe miau wer will camen

  4. Corey Mondello on said:

    RP Does not value equal rights for minorities, including gays, does not support a woman’s rights over her body, his tax plan would harm lower earners would more while the more wealthy would benefit, he is not environment-friendly, not public education-friendly, and is opposed to the separation of church and state. The Federalists lost and they need to be reminded of that fact.

  5. WeAskThePeople on said:

    it should NEVER have been made ILLEGAL in the first place..
    —————- REMEMBER THAT ——————-

    nick off OBAMA. !

    VOTE >>>>>>>>>>NO PROHIBITION <<<<<<<<<<<< VOTE

    FREEDOM & HUMAN RIGHTS. No compromise.
    GO the TOMATO MODEL. … free to GROW & USE as we DECIDE..

    USA government is full of IDEOLOGICAL MORALIST FUNDAMENTALIST morons.

  6. anphernie on said:

    The name of Ron Paul works like Raid on these corporatists and militarists

  7. imatruthaddict on said:

    Well at least we will have a huge contingency of blue republicans!

  8. anphernie on said:

    A real libertarian couldn’t. Libertarians have long recognized Obama as a mascot of the international bankers

  9. imatruthaddict on said:

    How could a real Libertarian vote for Obama?

  10. sharky734 on said:


  11. dickiepipes on said:

    Varney almost had a heart attack when she mention ron paul.

  12. ForLiberty888 on said:

    This MI6 faka, Varney, interrupted the guest as soon as she said we have to vote for Ron Paul. For one second I thought he wanted to elaborate on that issue, but it turned out he just wanted to change the topic away from Ron Paul.

  13. francispearson on said:

    Make sure you vote in the primary for Ron Paul. That is the most important vote you can cast.

  14. Alabamian1414 on said:

    You would think Obama would stand up for these people and be behind marijuana legalization. I voted for Obama, but I will probably vote Ron Paul. Obama has admitted to smoking weed and inhaling that was the point. I doubt he would be president today if he was ever caught smoking. Yet his administration keeps arresting people and raiding. I think he’s a good president but to get my vote again hes gonna have to make a “CHANGE”. AMA called for a rescheduling but who listens to doctors?

  15. MutantKush on said:

    title typo

  16. kagon01 on said:

    Fucking fox news, at the moment she was speaking, they put a trolling video about stoners…

  17. BeantownJim on said:

    Ron Paul 2012!