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Jan 14

How should you speak to your children about abortion?

How ought to you converse to your youngsters about abortion? The basis for training about abortion is not the reproductive method, but the dignity and worth of every human particular person, whether or not that particular person is massive or tiny, young or old, healthful or sick, desired or unwanted, convenient or inconvenient. The foundation …

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Aug 27

Marijuana has health benefits, should be legalized

Cannabis has overall health benefits, ought to be legalized Several folks are starting to request whether marijuana ought to remain an illegal drug – and several are coming to the conclusion that it ought to not. I agree that not all medicines are risk-free a lot of have damaging results on well being. But in …

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Jun 18

Illinois Sentae Passes Medical Pot Bill

Illinois is poised to join the ranks of states with medical cannabis programs. The Illinois Senate voted 35-21 on Friday to pass a bill prescribing marijuana as medicine. The bill will now go to the desk of Governor Pat Quinn, who has not yet indicated whether he will sig… High Times

Feb 27

Master Gardener Program Barred from Offering Free Pot Growing Advice

The legalization of recreational marijuana in Washington and Colorado has created a whole host of issues that previously never had to be addressed by those states’ governments. One such concern is whether a free, state-sanctioned program called “master gardeners” can be used to help folks learn to cultivate cannabis.   Master gardener programs are run …

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Oct 12

Lesson plan for medical marijuana, do I make it so I tell students whether it is bad or not or let them decide?

by Michigan Municipal League (MML) Problem by Eric Do: Lesson program for healthcare marijuana, do I make it so I tell pupils regardless of whether it is negative or not or permit them make a decision? Trying to occur up with a lesson strategy on maedical marijuana for my drug education course, do I make …

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