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Jan 17

Weed Wednesday – How Weed Effects Relationships – Black Ops 2

Hope you all appreciated Weed Wednesday! Allow me know some of your activities in the comment area underneath! 45 Likes? Thank You All Again and As Always… Continue to be T…

Jan 08

Here’s Why People Get Bad Marijuana Trips

Neurosurgeon Dr. Sanjay Gupta, whose new documentary “WEED” explores the outcomes of hashish on our bodies and the positive aspects of medical marijuana, points out wh… November twenty, 2013 Q13 News http://MOXNews.com. Video clip Ranking: 3 / five

Dec 30

Why do you get red eyes from smoking weed?

Question by Kyra: Why do you get pink eyes from smoking weed? Why do you get red eyes from smoking cigarettes weed? Greatest response: Answer by betty boot womanplace eye drop in prior to you start off using tobacco and following you carried out smoking cigarettes it performs for me Give your response to this …

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Dec 25

How the Weed Delivery Guy Saved Christmas

Back in 2004The Oniondelivered a magical holiday piece about how everyone's favorite delivery man — of the weed variety of course –savedChristmas. High Times

Dec 13

Entrapment: Cops Trick Autistic Student Into Selling Weed

It seems that with marijuana legalization legislation popping up in states across the country, the coppers are feeling backed into a corner. In one of their most despicable ploys yet, a number of agencies in Southern California have been deploying undercover cops into hig… High Times

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