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Jul 01

4 Year Old With Rare Type of Epilepsy Benefits From Medical Marijuana

I could current you with my medical marijuana tale, nonetheless, I would likely be labeled a “stoner” so I clipped jointly these segments from the Tv program W… The father of a six-yr-previous boy with Dravet Syndrome, a rare and catastrophic type of epilepsy, gave his son health care marijuana following recommended medicines didn’t… Movie …

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May 15

Study: Regular Cannabis Use Associated With Reduced Risk Factors For Type 2 Diabetes

Subjects who regularly consume cannabis possess favorable indices related to diabetic control as compared to occasional consumers or non-users, according to trial data published today online in the American Journal of Medicine. Here is a summary of the study from the website diabetes.co.uk: Cannabis may prevent development of type 2 diabetes A new study has …

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Feb 01

Q&A: What type of law does a medical marijuana lawyer study?

by mardi grass 2011 Question by : What type of legislation does a health related marijuana lawyer analyze? I’m curious to know what kind of legislation diploma legal professionals who observe in health related cannabis conditions normally research for. Most reliable solution: Response by Giovanni PapatzDivorces. Know significantly better? Depart your private reply in the …

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Sep 01

If I kiss someone who’s been smoking marijuana, will it have any type of effects on me?

by sillydog Question by Serenity: If I kiss someone who’s been cigarette smoking marijuana, will it have any kind of effects on me? My partner smokes marijuana daily. Often seconds immediately after he smokes, we’ll kiss & I can flavor the marijuana in my mouth. Can this at any time be detected with exams? Greatest …

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Feb 28

What type of container do they dispense Medical Marijuana in California?

Query by Richard D: What form of container do they dispense Health care Marijuana in California? I noticed a police picture of confiscated pot in bottles. I ‘ve never seen everything but plastic bags (–or the now overlooked but then ubiquitous yellow pay out envelope.) Do Medical Marijuana dispensories use bottles by any probability? Finest …

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