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Oct 10

Trippy Visual – Marijuana

Not liable for seizures. Okay since the bulk of folks think this online video is supposed to get you substantial.. you are complete idiots. Track title: Marijuana…. In 2008 the US government funded a review to see if Seroquel could be utilized to help individuals give up smoking marijuana. Medical professionals hoped it would handle …

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Aug 31

PA Gubernatorial Candidate John Hanger: Marijuana Reform Can Elect the Next PA Governor

John Hanger speaking at a Lancaster NORML Meeting – Photo credit: Matt Rohrbach While the general election for governor is still a little over a year away, things are heating up in Pennsylvania as Democrats vie for their party’s nomination to run against incumbent Governor Corbett (R). Seven candidates have so far announced their candidacy …

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Aug 24

Is Medical Marijuana As Helpful As We Think?

Health-related cannabis is a hot subject matter in the US. Pot activists are continually battling the authorities to let for the use of weed to treatment or treat illness. But w… Online video Score: four / 5

Aug 01

If medical marijuana is legalized does that mean we can smoke any marijuana?

Question by Wesley: If healthcare marijuana is legalized does that indicate we can smoke any marijuana? If medical marijuana is legalized in North Carolina does that mean we can smoke any marijuana? Best response: Reply by lollipoppssum no. You can only smoke the health care marijuana you are prescribed. Anything else would be illegal. What …

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Jul 27

Q&A: Do you think smoking marijuana will effect your school grades?

by “Caveman Chuck” Coker Query by tainag1: Do you feel smoking cigarettes marijuana will impact your faculty grades? Not smoking cigarettes 24/7. Or ALL THE TIME. Not a “pothead” smoker. But just a lil hit every day ahead of or soon after university. Then do my work. When I smoke I have a tendency to …

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