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Jan 14

Study: Student Drug Testing Programs Don’t Work

The imposition of student drug testing programs is not effective in limiting students’ consumption of controlled substances, according to survey data published in the January edition of the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs. Investigators from Israel and the United States assessed whether students’ awareness of drug testing programs in their school was associated …

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Dec 13

Entrapment: Cops Trick Autistic Student Into Selling Weed

It seems that with marijuana legalization legislation popping up in states across the country, the coppers are feeling backed into a corner. In one of their most despicable ploys yet, a number of agencies in Southern California have been deploying undercover cops into hig… High Times

Oct 29

Student who brought marijuana brownies to school got them from home; parents

College student who brought cannabis brownies to school got them from home mother and father … VANDERCOOK LAKE, MI – A Vandercook Lake High University scholar suspected of bringing cannabis brownies is thought to have gotten the baked goods from house, sheriff's officers mentioned. Jackson County sheriff's deputies ended up called to Vandercook Lake Substantial …

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Oct 11

Autistic Teen Tricked into Buying Weed for Undercover Cop

In late 2012, a Riverside County, California police officer infiltrated a local high school, befriended a vulnerable, special needs student and then proceeded to send more than 60 text messages begging the student to buy him weed.  The student, who had been diagnosed with autism as well as bipolar disorder, Tourettes, and several anxiety disorders …

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May 25

UNC student died from inhaling canned dust remover

UNC student died from inhaling canned dust remover “His underlying cardiovascular disease would make him much more vulnerable to these toxic effects.” Manufacturers of the dust remover … Also, the pals instructed police that Gage employed too much quantities of chilly medicine and marijuana. Chapel Hill Police … Go through much more on Durham Herald …

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