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Dec 22

Why is the DEA so concerned about states that have already approved marijuana as a medicinal drug?

Query by Kewl_Prez: Why is the DEA so anxious about states that have presently accepted cannabis as a medicinal drug? It seems to me that the DEA is sending in battalions of guys and ladies to close health care cannabis amenities. Do the states not have sovereign legal rights? Here in California the DEA has …

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Dec 08

States That Have Legalized Medical Marijuana

Occur on guys. So shut to the Legalization for everybody. You should, upload video clips, spread the term and get Health care legal in every states, and competely Authorized in… Online video Ranking: 4 / five

Nov 26

How exactly is weed legal in 21 states?

Concern by Nicholas Markowicz: How exactly is weed authorized in 21 states? Soo…i stay in michigan and Apparently it truly is lawful right here????? As effectively as 21 other states Supposedly… but say a male gets caught with weed he goes to jail and if hes promoting ….hes likely to jail???? Now when it states …

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Nov 14

If I have my medical marijuana card in California, can I smoke legally in other states?

Issue by Kelly: If I have my health-related marijuana card in California, can I smoke legally in other states? I got my health care cannabis for a number of reasons, and I smoke responsibly and am making an attempt to familiarize myself with all the legal guidelines. The one particular response I couldn’t discover, was …

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Oct 06

How To Make Hash – Michigan Medical Marijuana

http://www.mittenmedical – Michigan Healthcare Marijuana Card, Dispensaries, States, Rules, Medical professionals. Online video Rating: 4 / five

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