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Jan 14

How should you speak to your children about abortion?

How ought to you converse to your youngsters about abortion? The basis for training about abortion is not the reproductive method, but the dignity and worth of every human particular person, whether or not that particular person is massive or tiny, young or old, healthful or sick, desired or unwanted, convenient or inconvenient. The foundation …

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Jan 10

Q&A: Who thinks medical marijuana should be decriminalized?

Issue by Erin: Who thinks health care cannabis ought to be decriminalized? I locate it intriguing that numerous states have decriminalized health-related cannabis, even however the federal govt still acknowledges it as a crime. It actually isn’t fair for the state to let, if not inspire, the breaking of a federal criminal offense. As a …

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Sep 08

25 Years Ago: DEA’s Own Administrative Law Judge Ruled Cannabis Should Be Reclassified Under Federal Law

Friday, September 6, 2013 marks the 25-year anniversary of an administrative ruling which determined that cannabis possesses accepted medical utility and ought to be reclassified accordingly under federal law. The ruling, issued in 1988 by US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Chief Administrative Law Judge Francis Young “In the Matter of Marijuana Rescheduling,” determined: “Marijuana, in …

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Aug 27

Marijuana has health benefits, should be legalized

Cannabis has overall health benefits, ought to be legalized Several folks are starting to request whether marijuana ought to remain an illegal drug – and several are coming to the conclusion that it ought to not. I agree that not all medicines are risk-free a lot of have damaging results on well being. But in …

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Aug 12

should president Obama legalize cannabis so America will start to generate some cold hard cash?!?

Question by Giggle Bear: need to president Obama legalize hashish so The united states will commence to generate some cold difficult money?!? what do you think? Very best reply: Reply by robot_hooker5I think it is a stupid concept. We need to have to get the nation’s efficiency up, not have our function power lazing around …

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