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Oct 15

Possible Treatment For Marijuana Abuse Found

Attainable Therapy For Marijuana Abuse Discovered Scientists studying drug-addicted rats and monkeys discovered that a compound called kynurenic acid blunted the gratifying outcomes of THC, the energetic component in cannabis. Kynurenic acid works by blocking the receptors that improve the flood of good&nbsp… Read through a lot more on Huffington Submit Cannabis Compound Shows Guarantee …

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Jan 24

What are the possible side effects of smoking cannabis while pregnant?

Issue by majickgypsy: What are the possible facet results of using tobacco cannabis although pregnant? True answers only you should, no crazed proper-wing religious fanatics handing out righteous judgements. As I stated, no judgement solutions remember to. I in no way stated I was expecting nor that I smoke pot. I want a factual, health …

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Dec 05

Is it possible to get a medical marijuana card in pennsylvania?

Question by Dylan B: Is it possible to get a health care marijuana card in pennsylvania? I have temporomandibular joint problem which brings about me to have serious pain, earaches, head aches, and nausea. Practically nothing has been doing work for me to consider treatment of these indicators so i was asking yourself if there …

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Jan 31

Is Nicole Richie really pregnant? If so, how is that medically possible?

by Michigan Municipal League (MML) Article by Inveslogic Staff Seemingly serving as proof that medical science has come a long way in the past few years, vicodin popping and DUI-getting pseudo-starlet Nicole Richie is reportedly 3-months pregnant. Weighing in at a hefty 83-pounds, Richie was knocked up by Good Charlotte’s pop-punk-playboy Joel Madden, a fact …

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Mar 05

Is it Possible to Have a Successful Intervention for Marijuana Addiction?

by Troy Holden Marijuana is often looked upon as a drug that is mostly harmless. In fact, this is not only the most commonly used drug, but also the most socially acceptable. However, in many cases the loved ones of a marijuana addict want the user to quit and observe negative effects on his or …

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