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Nov 20

Can Hemp, Marijuana and Mushrooms Fix Fukushima? Part 2: Global

Can Hemp, Cannabis and Mushrooms Resolve Fukushima? Component 2: Worldwide … Intensive well being checks of these individuals have revealed no severe consequence and no fatalities that could be attributed to the exposure.&quot (73). Wikipedia can make equivalent claims: &quot…no human is recognized to have died because of inhaling or ingesting plutonium … Read more …

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Oct 31

Because Women Are NORML Too – Part II

“There’s an air of cognitive dissonance about it, that a woman, especially a nurturing, professional woman, could both smoke pot and not be Jim Breuer in Half Baked was, to many, a revelation.” Emily Dufton, The Atlantic (10/28/13) Emily Dufton does an excellent job identifying the cultural challenges and social setbacks that are experienced by …

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Oct 11

Medical Marijuana Caregivers Grow Operation Part 1

http://www.medicalmarijuanaadvisor.internet – See the principles of placing up a clear healthcare marijuana expand operation. This caregiver is developing for three individuals and … Movie Score: four / 5

Apr 28

Organic Compost Tea Ingredients For My Medical Marijuana Plants Part 1

Higher Phosphorus/Potassium compost tea, with a tiny Nitrogen, Calcium & Magnesium for my ladies. PPM at 660-670 at early phase steeping. Hoping to get up to … Video clip Score: four / 5

Feb 11

King Noble on the Negative effects of Drugs Marijuana, Kush in the Black Conscious Community part 1

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