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Feb 21

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, how would marijuana negatively affect your chi, shen, yin, & yang?

Question by Dave: In accordance to Conventional Chinese Drugs, how would cannabis negatively have an effect on your chi, shen, yin, & yang? I’ve smoked my share of marijuana and quit last june and have by no means been the same since… and have been searching to get back the harmony that I experienced prior …

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Feb 07

Do you think smoking marijuana every evening for years will negatively affects ones life over time?

Query by Trista

Dec 30

How does cannabis affect people negatively?

by 666isMONEY ☮ ♥ & ☠ Concern by Kagome: How does cannabis affect people negatively? I would like solutions from (who I would hope actually are) healthcare medical doctors who have examined this. I am seeking for a checklist of motives cannabis effects individuals negatively bodily and psychologically. Googling just isnt good ample for this …

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