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Dec 22

Why is the DEA so concerned about states that have already approved marijuana as a medicinal drug?

Query by Kewl_Prez: Why is the DEA so anxious about states that have presently accepted cannabis as a medicinal drug? It seems to me that the DEA is sending in battalions of guys and ladies to close health care cannabis amenities. Do the states not have sovereign legal rights? Here in California the DEA has …

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Dec 03

Medicinal Marijuana Patients: Enjoy 24/7 Verification

Eco-friendly Health care Group’s flagship system, delivers sufferers all across Washington Point out the relieve and convenience of 24/seven verifications. Please observe the movie to … Movie Rating: / five 11362.5. (a) This section shall be known and may possibly be cited as the Compassionate Use Act of 1996. (b)(1) The men and women of …

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Nov 24

Q&A: Questions to ask people who are against the legalization of medicinal marijuana?

Issue by Neil: Questions to ask people who are in opposition to the legalization of medicinal marijuana? I have to do a course discussion. And I cannot feel of any more concerns to ask my opponent on why they consider that medicinal cannabis is a bad/hazardous compound. Greatest response: Answer by Thol Kaula KomihntraAlternatively of …

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Oct 30

What are the positives in the approval for medicinal marijuana?

Concern by aguilar409: What are the positives in the acceptance for medicinal marijuana? doing a persuasive speech on why health-related marijuana should be aproved. Require the positives of why it need to be authorized and an other arguments for it. Ideal reply: Reply by DaleTo just take the Drug Dealer’s capability to make money away. …

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Aug 14

Medicinal Cannabis – Educational Documentary – Cannabinoid Compounds

Remember to View AND SHARE THIS Movie Mobile Edition – http://youtu.be/B4xejnsLwKE Cannabis, Cannabis and Cannabinoids Research – Cannabinoids PubMed ncbi.nlm.n… Video Score: 4 / 5

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