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Jan 17

What Are The Chances Of Me Getting My Medical Marijuana Card?

by Michigan Municipal League (MML) Issue by jay: What Are The Chances Of Me Getting My Health-related Marijuana Card? Hey There I Am Fascinated In Acquiring My Medical Marijuana Card Simply because I Undergo From Vitiligo Which Result in Me To Get Depressed And Has Been Offering Me Issues Sleeping From Thinking To Significantly. If …

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Dec 26

Q&A: If i have a medical marijuana card, can i grow and sell to a dispensary?

by Goodnight London Issue by Ace: If i have a health care marijuana card, can i expand and promote to a dispensary? I have a California Medical Marijuana card. Beneath the state recommendations, I’m authorized to have a particular sum of plants (six mature) and some immature vegetation to grow. Am I authorized to offer …

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Aug 29

How come caffeine isn’t frowned upon as a drug, but marijuana is?

Issue by Chris Schock: How appear caffeine is not frowned on as a drug, but cannabis is? How come cannabis is just so surprising and unlawful and oh my god awful, but people will drink 10 cups of coffee a day and get buzzed like insane and no one cares. Very best solution: Solution by …

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Aug 26

Q&A: How does medical marijuana reduce pain?

Issue by choochoooooooo: How does healthcare cannabis reduce pain? Im looking for an alternative to vicodin, I are unable to seem to be to locate any info on how medical marijuana reduces ache, all I can find is that it lowers soreness, but not “HOW” it minimizes pain?? Ideal response: Response by Tuxedo SamCannabis is …

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Aug 21

Q&A: Alternitives instead of using medical marijuana ?

Issue by Hajime: Alternitives as an alternative of making use of medical cannabis ? Ok, well I have a debate about the legalization of marijuana in course soon after the break, and I am on the aspect that says it need to remain illegal. Now I know that the opposition will chat about healthcare marijuana …

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