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Dec 10

Q&A: How can researchers know marijuana wont help the Alzheimer’s disease?

Query by Jerry: How can scientists know cannabis wont help the Alzheimer’s condition? I am doing a study paper on the medical/recreation legalization of cannabis. And I found that it aids individuals with Alzheimer’s, but then I identified this about some study exhibiting that marijuana does not aid mice with Alzheimer’s but my query is, …

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Dec 03

Maine: Help Make Marijuana Legalization a Reality

Despite experiencing setbacks when it came to reintroducing marijuana legalization legislation for the 2014 Maine legislative session, efforts are already underway to prepare for 2015. The primary sponsor of the previous marijuana legalization bills in the state, Rep. Diane Russell, and NORML are seeking input regarding the drafting of this legislation. We feel the current …

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Oct 29

Portland May Legalize Marijuana Possession Next Week, You Can Help

Photo credit: D. Boyer Next Tuesday, November 5th, voters in Portland, Maine will decide whether or not to legalize the personal possession of marijuana in the city. The initiative, Question 1, would remove all criminal and civil penalties for adults possessing up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana. This means no arrest, no criminal record, no …

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Oct 15

Police Want Hunters to Help Bust Marijuana Grow Ops

Police in Idaho are asking for local huntsmen to report any marijuana grow ops they happen to discover while out in the woods trying to kill everything from Bambi to Bigfoot this hunting season. High Times

Sep 20

Is madical marijuana proven to help people with anxiety disorder and depression?

Question by Devin: Is madical marijuana verified to assist men and women with nervousness disorder and despair? My buddy is getting medicine for anxiety dysfunction and melancholy. She has been taking treatment and its not assisting her, but she says that when she makes use of cannabis every single when in a whilst that its …

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