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Dec 31

GROWING SUPPORT: Medical marijuana bills remain stalled, despite

Increasing Support: Health-related cannabis charges continue to be stalled, despite … Even with modifying public perception relevant to use of marijuana for health care reasons, possession of the drug continues to be illegal in Wisconsin, leading to seizures such as this one from a Spring Green expand procedure in February 2012. (two) More Pictures&nbsp… Go …

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Dec 07

Medical Marijuana: New (and Growing) Source of Tax Revenue

From the Bulk Report, dwell M-F 11:30am EST and via everyday podcast at http://Greater part.FM: Cities and states are raising taxes on medical marijuana to aid …

Nov 19

Q&A: Effects of growing hemp for commercial purposes?

Issue by greydoc6: Results of developing hemp for commercial functions? A KY condition representative needs to legalize hemp increasing for agricultural purposes – textiles, paper, insulation, biodegradable plastics, and so on. Hashish sativa sativa generates paltry quantities of THC. But the DEA opposes the thought. Would not this cultivar cross pollinate with Cannabis sativa indica, …

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Nov 13

Dad fights to keep growing pot to ease son's seizures

Dad fights to keep increasing pot to relieve son's seizures It received't remedy Haiden's problem since it is thanks to a error in his DNA, Miller mentioned. But Miller said he doesn't have very severe worries about aspect consequences simply because soon after popular use by men and women it appears marijuana's chief effects are …

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Jul 01

Two men apprehended by K-9 and arrested in marijuana growing operation

Two men apprehended by K-9 and arrested in marijuana growing operation They were apprehended by a U.S. Forest Service K-9 and were transported to a hospital for medical clearance before being booked at the Tehama County Jail for the cultivation of marijuana, marijuana for sale, conspiracy to commit a crime and resisting, … Read more on …

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