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Dec 26

Q&A: If i have a medical marijuana card, can i grow and sell to a dispensary?

by Goodnight London Issue by Ace: If i have a health care marijuana card, can i expand and promote to a dispensary? I have a California Medical Marijuana card. Beneath the state recommendations, I’m authorized to have a particular sum of plants (six mature) and some immature vegetation to grow. Am I authorized to offer …

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Dec 26

California Medical Marijuana Laws: Starting a Grow, Collective and Dispensary

California Healthcare Cannabis Regulations: Starting a Develop, Collective and Dispensary In the years because the legalization, there has been a sort of “green rush” on health-related marijuana. There are now a lot more than one,000 cannabis dispensaries in the Los Angeles-region by yourself. If you are fascinated in starting up your own health care increase …

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Dec 22

How to grow medical marijuana – I have no experience

Question by Annabella: How to expand medical marijuana – I have no experience My partner has a quite rare bone disease referred to as Fibrous Dysplasia. For him it impacts his cranium. The bones of the skull never stop developing which places a lot of stress on the brain. He has been having Oxycontin for …

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Dec 21

Industrial Marijuana Grow in Denver

My tour of an industrial warehouse which is increasing into the industrial healthcare cannabis manufacturing company.

Dec 20

How many marijuana plants can I legally grow in Redding, Ca?

Concern by Robert: How a lot of cannabis plants can I legally grow in Redding, Ca? How a lot of cannabis vegetation can I lawfully develop in Redding, Ca? Like how several immature & experienced? Many thanks. Very best solution: Reply by Leahif you ar authorized healthcare affected person 18 immature, 6 experienced (unless your …

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