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Jan 17

What Are The Chances Of Me Getting My Medical Marijuana Card?

by Michigan Municipal League (MML) Issue by jay: What Are The Chances Of Me Getting My Health-related Marijuana Card? Hey There I Am Fascinated In Acquiring My Medical Marijuana Card Simply because I Undergo From Vitiligo Which Result in Me To Get Depressed And Has Been Offering Me Issues Sleeping From Thinking To Significantly. If …

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Jan 15

Does marijuana effect the morning after pill?

by “Caveman Chuck” Coker Question by erka: Does cannabis effect the morning right after capsule? I took the first morning right after capsule about a few several hours ago. Will smoking cigarettes marijuana reduced the effectiveness of the pill? I recognize that marijuana is unlawful, and damaging to the mind, lungs, etc. But an viewpoint …

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Jan 13

What effects does marijuana have a 26 week old fetus?

by BANAMINE Question by Chrishawn T: What results does cannabis have a 26 7 days outdated fetus? I have been cigarette smoking marajuana basically during my total pregnancy, and I know its not proper, but how has it effected my child if at all? Best answer: Response by PrincessM2531it can stunt a infants growth, it …

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Dec 30

Why do you get red eyes from smoking weed?

Question by Kyra: Why do you get pink eyes from smoking weed? Why do you get red eyes from smoking cigarettes weed? Greatest response: Answer by betty boot womanplace eye drop in prior to you start off using tobacco and following you carried out smoking cigarettes it performs for me Give your response to this …

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Dec 22

How to grow medical marijuana – I have no experience

Question by Annabella: How to expand medical marijuana – I have no experience My partner has a quite rare bone disease referred to as Fibrous Dysplasia. For him it impacts his cranium. The bones of the skull never stop developing which places a lot of stress on the brain. He has been having Oxycontin for …

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