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Jan 07

What happens if a medical marijuana dispensary you go to gets raided by the feds and take all patient records.?

Query by Notorious: What occurs if a medical marijuana dispensary you go to receives raided by the feds and just take all affected person records.? What happens if the health-related cannabis dispensaries you check out will get raided by the feds and all of the client health-related information are taken as nicely? Isn’t that an …

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Dec 19

Teen Use Of Alcohol, Tobacco Falls To Historic Lows (But All The Media And The Feds Want To Talk About Is Pot)

Adolescent consumption of alcohol and tobacco fell to historic lows while self-reported annual use of cannabis held steady, according to survey data released today by the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor — which has been sampling teens consumption of various licit and illicit substances since the mid-1970s. But you wouldn’t know these facts if …

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Sep 11

Feds Reaffirm That They Will Not Likely Challenge State Legalization Laws

Speaking today before the US Senate Judiciary Committee, Deputy Attorney General James Cole reaffirmed that the Justice Department is unlikely to challenge statewide marijuana legalization efforts, provided that these efforts impose “robust regulations” which discourage sales to minors and seek to prevent the diversion of cannabis to states that have not yet legalized its use. …

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Jul 27

Feds Raid Pot Dispensaries in Washington, Where the Drug is Legal

Feds Raid Pot Dispensaries in Washington, In which the Drug is Authorized As point out regulations decriminalizing marijuana begin to take influence (and grow in variety), proponents of entry to the drug have been keeping their breaths to see how the feds would react. And in Washington State, it appears like numerous healthcare cannabis&nbsp… Read …

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Jul 09

Marijuana's march toward mainstream confounds feds

Marijuana's march towards mainstream confounds feds This May possibly 14, 2013, picture shows health-related marijuana vials exhibited at the Venice Beach front Treatment Centre healthcare cannabis dispensary in Venice, Calif. It took 50 several years for American attitudes about marijuana to zigzag from the paranoia of &quotReefer Madness&quot to … Go through a lot more …

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