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Feb 27

Legalization of Marijuana?

Ought to we legalize marijuana? I believe indeed. There are, to my expertise, no scientific evidence of any health pitfalls to our overall health by cigarette smoking weed. Infact, it really has positive aspects to our wellness these kinds of as comforting ache (healthcare cannabis), rising our motor expertise and senses, as with other individuals. …

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Jan 21

Marijuana: good medicine or addictive drug; 70′s era marijuana smuggler lends 40 years of expertise

Article by Frank Sayre Marijuana: good medicine or addictive drug; a 70′s era marijuana smuggler provides useful data and over 40 years of inclusive knowledge Hi! Allow me to qualify myself. At age 22, I began smoking pot. Today, at age 66, I smoke sparingly-maybe three to four times a week and in small amounts. …

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