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Nov 14

Video Essay: Medical Pot’s Problems for Parents

Much more than a 10 years following states started approving cannabis for healthcare use, its part in custody disputes stays a facet effect. The AP talks to a Washington s… Online video for Type 4 at Otis Higher education of Art and Design and style. Pushed by “Mr. X”, the pseudonym selected by Carl Sagan …

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Mar 19

Nice Medical Marijuana Essay photos

A few great medical marijuana essay images I discovered: Kush Spin Doctor Graphic by pixieclipx This kid, he could not have been much more than 17, was out spinning the 420 indication, advertising that &quotthe Pot Doc was IN&quot… Health care Cannabis dispensaries dotted the landscape all more than Venice Beach front, virtually to the …

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Jan 31

Marijuana, Childhood Autism and Prohibition

I was on a radio show this past weekend debating a prohibitionist who still believes that medical cannabis is little more than a hoax…a ‘camel’s nose under the tent’ to trick the American public into legalizing cannabis for recreational purposes. I’ve heard this individual exclaim numerous times over the years that he would not give …

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Dec 09

How do you think marijuana can effect someone life?

by dbking Query by Julian L: How do you think marijuana can impact an individual life? I am carrying out a essay on how individuals relate to marijuana can impact someones daily life and want allot of opotions. I experienced a good friend eliminate him self due to the fact of drug addiction and all …

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Oct 23

I am writing a persuasive essay on legalizing marijuana for medical purposes. Can some input on my thesis?

by pixieclipx Problem by Angela: I am composing a persuasive essay on legalizing marijuana for healthcare reasons. Can some input on my thesis? Listed here is what I have as a thesis sentence: The goverment should legalize marijuana for healthcare purposes becausse of the health care, legitimate, and taxable motives. Best answer: Reply by Mr.I …

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