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Jun 26

Stoner Dogs? Medical Marijuana for Canines

“Christine L. of Nevada misses her Rottweiler, Sampson, who passed away on November 20, 2012 of a rare form of blood cancer. “In 2010, between the vomiting a… Video Rating: 4 / 5 The cases of dogs getting stoned or sick from pot is spiking thanks to the popularity of medical marijuana, new research shows. …

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Jan 31

Latest Marijuana Effects On Dogs News

The vision of Marina as a health care-cannabis Nirvana has one particular big difficulty: a … Hopkins' daughter Ash Hewitt claims watching her uncle die bit by bit and painfully as her mom suffered the results of chemotherapy had been among the arguments she and her spouse, Mike Meyers, made the decision to go into …

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Oct 28

Unintended Side Effect of Medical Marijuana: Dogs on Dope

Unintended Aspect Impact of Health care Cannabis: Puppies on Dope ENGLEWOOD, Colo.- It appears the acceptance of medical marijuana has experienced an unintended facet effect. Far more and more dogs are acquiring &quotstoned&quot from ingesting their house owners' merchandise that are laced with cannabis and still left out in the open up. In truth, the …

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Mar 07

Marijuana Raid Caught On Tape (Dogs Shot)

Special Promotion: www.netflix.com New TYT Facebook Page(!): www.facebook.com Follow us on Twitter: twitter.com TYT Network (new WTF?! channel): www.youtube.com Check Out TYT Interviews www.youtube.com Watch more at www.theyoungturks.com Columbia Mo SWAT Raid 2 Cops Shoot Pets With Children Present. A small amount of pot was found.

Feb 05

Drug dogs false alert over 200 times in UC Davis study

One of the favorite tools of law enforcement officers looking to bust cannabis consumers is the K-9 unit (or as George Clinton once called ‘em, the “dope dog”). These dogs are highly trained to use their super sense of smell to detect narcotics and explosives. Paired with a handler, they are often called in to …

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