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Jan 06

Tokers React to High-Priced Legal Marijuana Sales in Colorado

When the first legal marijuana sales in America began January 1 in Colorado, Facebook and Twitter lit up with posts by excitedtokersshowing their sales receipts for their first legal buy. Those posts were followed by thousands of re-tweets and shares by pot sm… High Times

Jan 06

Latest Medical Marijuana Candy News

Planet's initial lawful recreational marijuana income start in Colorado Beneath a canopy of cameras, Azzariti bought an eighth of an ounce of the cannabis strain Bubba Kush and a deal of cannabis-infused candy truffles. &quotWe did it!&quot a beaming Azzariti explained at the end of the acquire. … Denver Town Councilman Charlie … Study a …

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Jan 05

Q&A: How do I get my medical marijuana card in Colorado?

Question by CO Affected person: How do I get my medical cannabis card in Colorado? I was wondering exactly where is the most skilled, and discreet place to get my medical marijuana registry card in Colorado? I read very good factors about Herban Wellness and Eco-friendly Ribbon Clinic. Any tips? Best answer: Solution by Exec …

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Jan 04

Latest Medical Marijuana Uk News

Colorado hashish consumers swarm as drug's sale goes legal One dispensary was charging $ 70 (£42) for a single-eighth of an ounce of cannabis, practically three occasions what health-related cannabis individuals had been spending just a working day earlier for the same sum. Iraq war veteran Sean Azzariti, who has campaigned to legalise&nbsp… Read through …

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Jan 02

New Year, New World: Legal Marijuana Sales Begin in Colorado

At eight o’clock this morning, Iraq War Veteran Sean Azzariti stepped up to the counter at 3D Cannabis Center in Denver and made the first ever legal marijuana purchase in the United States. He didn’t have to show a medical marijuana program card, proving he paid a fee and consulted a doctor, he simply flashed …

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