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Jan 12

Q&A: How well do Medical Marijuana Lollipops work?

Query by Zak: How properly do Medical Marijuana Lollipops work? I recently turned a medical marijuana person and acquired my license. when i went to the club I noticed that they have been selling cannabis lollipops. does anybody know from experience if these rly work? Thank You. Best answer: Reply by Jebus KnightDo they genuinely …

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Jan 05

Q&A: How do I get my medical marijuana card in Colorado?

Question by CO Affected person: How do I get my medical cannabis card in Colorado? I was wondering exactly where is the most skilled, and discreet place to get my medical marijuana registry card in Colorado? I read very good factors about Herban Wellness and Eco-friendly Ribbon Clinic. Any tips? Best answer: Solution by Exec …

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Dec 21

‪5 Best Videos to Watch When Baked ‬V‪I

In this weekly segment, the staff here at HIGH TIMES brings you the best vids to watch after indulging. High Times

Dec 15

how does marijuana affect the body to make you high?

Question by mango227: how does cannabis influence the entire body to make you high? I know that liquor goes into your blood stream. Is that how marijuana helps make you higher? Also, why do some individuals get pink eyes when they smoke? Best reply: Answer by Travis Didk Know greater? Depart your very own answer …

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Dec 11

What is the best medical marijuana compmany to invest stock in?

by NoHoDamon Concern by jerry briel: What is the best healthcare cannabis compmany to spend inventory in? My mom has MS andI’m searching for a inventory that is someway connected to the quick and uprising medical cannabis industury. If anyone could help out it would be drastically appreciated. Best solution: Answer by Marie RNNone, the …

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