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Dec 14

Is there a Medical Marijuana Doctor in Ontario for Health Canada Program?

by Phillip Cowell Question by : Is there a Healthcare Marijuana Medical doctor in Ontario for Wellness Canada Program? I experience from a significant spinal wire injuries from a motor bike incident and I have been having a heck of a time attempting to uncover a medical cannabis medical doctor in Ontario. My family members …

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Nov 19

Q&A: Effects of growing hemp for commercial purposes?

Issue by greydoc6: Results of developing hemp for commercial functions? A KY condition representative needs to legalize hemp increasing for agricultural purposes – textiles, paper, insulation, biodegradable plastics, and so on. Hashish sativa sativa generates paltry quantities of THC. But the DEA opposes the thought. Would not this cultivar cross pollinate with Cannabis sativa indica, …

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Aug 24

Q&A: How much longer are people going to stay convinced that Marijuana is worse than tobacco without any proof?

Question by Cameron: How much for a longer time are people heading to continue to be persuaded that Cannabis is worse than tobacco with no any evidence? It really is been a 100 years or so and it appears like most folks have lastly occur all around to the fact that there is no healthcare …

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May 01

A Millennial Manifesto for Marijuana Law Reform

As our nation edges cautiously toward majority support for marijuana legalization, the millennial generation is leading the way more than any other demographic in history. Our generation has experienced as much or more tragedy than any post-WW II generation with the exception of the baby boomers.  The difference is that boomers, who witnessed the assassination …

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Apr 06

Q&A: What can the effects of Marijuana do to a dog, cat or ferret?

Query by ℒøvɇαηηα’ᶳ ᴍøᴍᴍʏ: What can the outcomes of Marijuana do to a pet, cat or ferret? All of my pals say they like to “get their animals higher” and I feel it really is awful.. I tell them they can’t get substantial, it just helps make them irritated and they do it in any …

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