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Jan 16

Ask the Doctor: Is marijuana better than narcotics?

Question the Doctor: Is marijuana much better than narcotics? Cigarette smoking cannabis triggers it to be swiftly absorbed, but it is also speedily metabolized inside of thirty minutes. Orally administrated THC lasts about twenty-thirty hrs. However, smoked or vaporized marijuana is outstanding for discomfort … Exciting scientific studies are … Study much more on The …

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Sep 02

Controversial Medical Marijuana Used to Treat Violent Raging Autism in Child

‘It’s the a single medicine we have seen work’: Oregon dad and mom use health care cannabis to assist seriously autistic son Alex Echols has Tuberous Sclerosis, a rare gene… Movie Rating: four / 5

Jan 31

Marijuana, Childhood Autism and Prohibition

I was on a radio show this past weekend debating a prohibitionist who still believes that medical cannabis is little more than a hoax…a ‘camel’s nose under the tent’ to trick the American public into legalizing cannabis for recreational purposes. I’ve heard this individual exclaim numerous times over the years that he would not give …

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Sep 29

Marijuana-Like Chemical May Help Autism And Fragile X Syndrome Symptoms

Marijuana-Like Chemical Might Assist Autism And Vulnerable X Syndrome Indicators Prescription drugs, such as Ritalin, gave him serious side outcomes, like facial ticks, seizures, liver harm and hazardous excess weight decline. With the marijuana cookies his mom provides him, Joey is ready to calmly engage in with toys, smile and even try to … Go …

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May 26

Marijuana and Autism Survey – NORML and UF4A Collaboration

Over the last five years there have been numerous media reports about the anecdotal use of cannabis to help autistic children. Two brave women, one on the east coast the other the west, have been at the forefront of this effort to help scientifically explain why cannabis appears to be so helpful. Marie Myung-Ok Lee …

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