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Dec 28

Marijuana Arrest: Devastation Of A Life Well Lived

If there is another human being who has publicly debated more in favor of cannabis law reform, or, spoken to more legal victims of America’s cannabis laws than me, I want to meet and thank them. From these hundreds of debates and thousands of personal encounters with my fellow cannabis consumers busted for ganja, one …

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May 13

How did your arrest for marijuana offenses effect you?

Query by holyecstacy: How did your arrest for cannabis offenses effect you? I’ve asked this issue ahead of, but I set it in the improper classification, therefore I had less responses. But this time close to I want heaps of solutions, like: Did you shed anything? Did they consider your little ones absent? Did you …

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Feb 01

Majority of Americans Think Feds Shouldn’t Arrest Marijuana Consumers, Growers, or Sellers in Legalized States

According to a Reason-Rupe Public Opinion survey released this week, not only do a majority of Americans believe the federal government should not arrest consumers of cannabis in states that have elected to regulate it, but that view extends to growers and sellers as well. The poll, conducted from January 17th to 21st, revealed that …

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Jun 26

Reefer Madness in America: Another Arrest Statistic Speaks To The Horror and Waste of Cannabis Prohibition

At NORML, we’re always a little hesitant to broadly publicize the plights of what are hundreds of thousands of victims annually of Cannabis Prohibition laws. NORML’s snail mail overflows daily with letters and pleas of help from our brothers and sisters incarcerated on cannabis-only related offenses and while the organization replies to all with 1) …

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Apr 30

City of Miami Beach Settles False Arrest Case with Marijuana Rights Activist

A staple joke from late night comedians, going back to George Carlin in the 1970s, is about how cannabis law reformers are too stoned to gather signatures and turn them in, when, ironically, or not, it is usually agents of the government who more often than not interfere with the democratic process of citizens gathering …

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