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Jan 09

Oregon Court of Appeals rules hashish seized from medical marijuana patient

Oregon Courtroom of Appeals rules hashish seized from medical cannabis affected person … Hashish, also identified as hash, in accordance to the DEA, &quotis the most concentrated and strong type of hashish containing substantial stages of THC. Hash is derived from the dried resin of the plants flowering tops and is compressed into a range …

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Jan 23

Federal Court of Appeals Denies Petition to Reschedule Marijuana

In a 28-page decision, the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit has denied petitioners request to overturn the July 2011 denial by the Drug Enforcement Administration to initiate proceedings to reschedule marijuana under federal law. In October 2002, the Coalition to Reschedule Cannabis, a coalition of reform organizations including NORML, ASA, …

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Oct 28

Suit Before Ninth Circuit Court Of Appeals Seeks To Halt Federal Actions Against California’s Medical Cannabis Providers

On Wednesday, October 24, a group of California dispensary operators, medical cannabis providers, and patients, as Plaintiffs, filed their Opening Brief before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco, asking the Circuit Court to hold that Plaintiffs, in their continuing litigation against the Federal Government, have a constitutional Ninth Amendment and Substantive Due …

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Oct 10

Appeals Court To Review DEA’s Dismissal Of Cannabis Rescheduling Petition

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit will hear opening arguments next week in a lawsuit challenging the federal government’s refusal to consider reclassifying cannabis as a schedule I prohibited substance under federal law. At issue in the case is whether the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) acted appropriately when the agency last year …

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Apr 07

Oklahoma appeals court reverses conviction, sentence

Oklahoma appeals court reverses conviction, sentence The Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals has reversed the conviction and 10-year prison sentence of a man convicted of possession of marijuana in Okmulgee County. Read more on Tulsa World Highlands baseball players arrested After serving a search warrant on a former player, three New Mexico Highlands University baseball …

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