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Dec 15

how does marijuana affect the body to make you high?

Question by mango227: how does cannabis influence the entire body to make you high? I know that liquor goes into your blood stream. Is that how marijuana helps make you higher? Also, why do some individuals get pink eyes when they smoke? Best reply: Answer by Travis Didk Know greater? Depart your very own answer …

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Dec 05

Does Marijuana Affect Brain Structure?

Dr. Martin Paulus clarifies a latest overview of scientific research describing the effect of cannabis (cannabis) use on the composition of the brain. http://cidi… During the several years, there has been study on the adverse and constructive effects of marijuana on the human physique and the mind. However, researchers have be…

Sep 18

How Does Medical Marijuana Affect Urine Testing? | Marijuana

See what you can find out on the go with the new Howcast Application for Apple iphone and iPad: http://bit.ly/11ZmFOu Watch far more Marijuana Details & Healthcare Cannabis films: h… Video clip Ranking: four / 5 Dr. Raber of The Werc Store speaking about the lab, the testing approach, and the significance of understanding what …

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Feb 21

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, how would marijuana negatively affect your chi, shen, yin, & yang?

Question by Dave: In accordance to Conventional Chinese Drugs, how would cannabis negatively have an effect on your chi, shen, yin, & yang? I’ve smoked my share of marijuana and quit last june and have by no means been the same since… and have been searching to get back the harmony that I experienced prior …

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Dec 30

How does cannabis affect people negatively?

by 666isMONEY ☮ ♥ & ☠ Concern by Kagome: How does cannabis affect people negatively? I would like solutions from (who I would hope actually are) healthcare medical doctors who have examined this. I am seeking for a checklist of motives cannabis effects individuals negatively bodily and psychologically. Googling just isnt good ample for this …

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