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Dec 27

I am 30 years old and wish to move to northern california, any tips or advice?

Question by jmwilk8081: I am 30 a long time old and desire to go to northern california, any suggestions or tips? like i explained i am 30 years old, i stay in central illinois and for as extended as i can bear in mind i have wanted to stay in cali. i am very intrigued …

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May 08

Becoming a medical marijuana caregiver in Michigan, advice?

Question by Woody: Turning out to be a medical marijuana caregiver in Michigan, tips? I am contemplating becoming a medical marijuana caregiver (grower). I reside in Michigan. Would like to know far more about this prospect, the good, bad and the ugly. Come to feel cost-free to remark if you have encounter, even if it …

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Feb 27

Master Gardener Program Barred from Offering Free Pot Growing Advice

The legalization of recreational marijuana in Washington and Colorado has created a whole host of issues that previously never had to be addressed by those states’ governments. One such concern is whether a free, state-sanctioned program called “master gardeners” can be used to help folks learn to cultivate cannabis.   Master gardener programs are run …

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Nov 17

im planning on moving to colorado and need some advice?

Issue by Steve: im preparing on relocating to colorado and require some guidance? i presently live in boston and would like to relocate to colorado i prepare on marketing my automobile worth amongst 10-13k and my job can transfer me but it doesnt pay out much i need to stick with the organization for a …

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Jun 03

Specific Free Advice on the Finest, First-class Quality Legal Highs

Do you enjoy treating yourself to lighting up Marijuana Sativa strains such as Apple, Angolese, Cambodian, Zacatecas Purple, Swaziland, Juicy Fruit Thai, Vietnamese? Or perhaps you delightderive pleasure getting your fix from Indica strains such as Mazar, Romulan, Afghani kush? These are all wonderful strains, definitely! However for today we’ll be talking about herbal weeds …

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