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May 29

New restrictions on obtaining a medical marijuana license now that its 2010? What steps must i take to obtain?

Query by Grim Fandango: New restrictions on getting a medical cannabis license now that its 2010? What actions have to i get to acquire? What are all the methods I will need to go via to get my health-related cannabis license? Is there anything diverse about getting it now in 2010 as opposed to ’09? …

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May 01

Glasswork Demonstration | Michigan Caregivers Cup | Ypsilanti, 1/31/10

Two men demonstrate how to make glassware at the Michigan Caregivers Cup in Ypsilanti on Sunday, January 31, 2010. For far more information on the event, go to http://w…

Feb 27

Record Level of Californians Support Regulating Marijuana

According to survey data released this week by The Field Poll, a record number of Californians now support legalizing and regulating marijuana in a manner similar to alcohol. The poll, conducted February 5-17 among 834 registered California voters, found that 54% support making the use of marijuana legal, with age and other controls like those …

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Sep 30

Free Marijuana Journal!!! Medical Cannabis Journal Issue 1 July 2010

MCJ’s first issue is sizzling on the stands and it is no cost. This Journal is chalk full of information and is designed with first-class top quality. This the magazine for any Health care Cannabis Affected person. Examine us out of the world wide web and DL the free Digi edition as well: www.MedicalCannabisJournal.net Content …

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Sep 05

British Medical Cannabis: BBC Inside Out 2010

Some British patients are now touring to the Netherlands for their hashish medicine, exactly where health-related use is lawful. Nations around the world this kind of as Germany and Denmark obtain Sativex, manufactured by GW Pharmaceuticals, as pain and spasm relieving medication. Sativex is a cannabis tincture that ought to be manufactured far more obtainable …

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