Jun 26

Stoner Dogs? Medical Marijuana for Canines

“Christine L. of Nevada misses her Rottweiler, Sampson, who passed away on November 20, 2012 of a rare form of blood cancer. “In 2010, between the vomiting a…
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The cases of dogs getting stoned or sick from pot is spiking thanks to the popularity of medical marijuana, new research shows. Vets in Colorado, where medic…
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  1. Royce Gaines

    and his scooby snax

  2. Royce Gaines

    Scooby Doo!

  3. IndicaFlowr

    Over 3/4 of the American population uses Cannabis & we need to do more studies on dogs??? How backwards is that???

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  6. 98aah

    did she really just say it would ruin their lungs? she is retarded it doesn’t harm anyone’s lungs at all

  7. steelcash

    Dude that’s funny. Saw a friend get a little kitten high. At first I thought it was wrong but I’ve reseached this plant for thousands of hours and I really don’t have a problem with it. The kitten got really sleepy. Cannabis is one of the safest substances known to man and practically every living creature has their own natural endocannabinoid system built into their bodies. Cannabis is GOOD for us. It prevents disease (fact). I would bet it’s good for animals too.

  8. steelcash

    We should have been using this for medicine for people and pets for the past 75 years. We were using it for 100-200 years up until the 1930′s but then Anslinger came along and changed all that. Many people don’t realize that it’s been used as medicine all over the world for nearly 5,000 years.

  9. steelcash

    Wow… except that we have done research for the last 40 years and we know that it doesn’t cause cancer. We know it kills cancer. We know that it’s impossible to OD on it. We know it’s use has never killed anybody in the history of man. We know it helps with several hundred diseases. We know we can make 50,000+ products out of it including bio fuel. We can eat it and it’s highly nutritious… yeah… Cannabis is just like cigarettes.

  10. Joseph rivas

    The laika of pot!

  11. mariejosehaerkens

    My dog just ate my hemp oil can it kill him i m scared?

  12. crazyartv951

    but also i think if your going to give your dog marijuana give it in moderation or theyll get a bad trip. i think the best thing to do is give small amounts of hash oil by mouth so it wont only take away pain but kill cancer cells whether you believe it or not i think so

  13. crazyartv951

    . i cant afford tretment for my dog and my dog looked like she was suffering so i decided to make a marijuana conentrate but its only a lil. and i put some on her open tumor and it started to look like it was eating away at the cancer. and one time my friends hot boxed her house i told them to stop becuase they were g giving her too much but the next day i seen her happier than i have seen her in a long time. i think if i can get a hold of good concentrates it could even cure my dog completly

  14. deathblade111

    smoke your dogs out people

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  16. TrailerParkPotDealer

    My dog, Bong.

  17. aztekwarrior23

    Dog Cartels coming soon…what i’ve always feared lol

  18. Al Warren

    My dog gets baked with me all the time….

  19. lowryder2able

    You’ve medicated several dogs, cats, and 1 bird… you’re obviously a busy man lmfao.
    I’m glad that your patients can walk around when they’re baked, I’ve got a very delicate little whippet who ate some cookie crumbs I accidently dropped on the floor, it was way to much for his tiny little body, it made him ill. A smaller dose and I’m sure he would have been fine..and yeah I can stand up and walk just fine

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  21. 420squeeg

    Trust me. I [know someone who has] shotgunned hits to several dogs, cats, and 1 bird (who would ask for it with words and freak out if he didn’t get a hit). None of the aforementioned animals lost the ability to walk or stand. Although, the bird did lean against his cage and kinda sway a bit. I’ve even seen a dog who would lap at the air furiously to get some of that sweet ganja. Do you really think stoners can’t move or stand up?

  22. Matthew Graey

    Cannabis: dogs don’t know it’s not bacon.

  23. TheAnnArnold

    maybe his HEALTH problem made him unable to stand up & the mj just helps him cope with the pain?

  24. TheAnnArnold


  25. Blackknight1212

    Yeah well I doubt it’s that off the mark but why argue about something that’s not important. After literally centuries of people smoking marijuana for recreational use there hasn’t been a single case of someone developing cancer as a direct result of cannabis. You know what is BS? That comment were you compared cigarettes to marijuana, lol “its not bad for you” wow are you retarded or in denial? I guess all those people who have had a laryngectomy did it for fun right?

  26. APVExProductions

    Fuck off media against cannabis.

  27. uuuhhhggg123

    Haha nothing to laugh about? I was laughing at these stupid people the whole story

  28. KCRskidder

    my dog is 13 and ive been getting him high for years. i even take him to kids with cancer once a week so the sick kids can play with him. hes a pitbull terrier.

  29. MrSensei1231


  30. nikkiohgee14

    That was disgusting. The dogs didnt choose to get high, they don’t know how that affected them mentally… dogs don’t deserve that.

  31. twistedvanilla180

    dope is heroin you fucking idiots. and like Nathan said probably from the chocolate not that hard to figure out

  32. userdann3

    Maryjane is proven to help dogs like people new studies Vets give weed to dogs to help with pain from there hips

  33. NochesNoiccas

    fuck it, everybody deserves to die.

  34. kingspawn999


  35. jaxon19kira

    2:15 … do they not see the fucking dangling feet.. r they stoned!

  36. jaxon19kira

    Have some double CHOCOLATE fudge marijuana browines spot!… oh no the weed is killing my dog!!!

  37. TheMexxican


  38. henri Calstate

    bullshit plus edibles are different blazing my dog down for 5+ years and hes fine

  39. dopeboyhero

    LMFAO THE NEWS IS SO FULL OF SHIT. Marijuana will not kill your dog

  40. Garth Vettraman

    they couldn’t prove it kills humans, moving on to dogs.

  41. Garth Vettraman

    another study proving the lethality of pot, they just don’t give up.

  42. wongb316

    There’s a difference between eating it and smoking it. I think anyone who swallows an eighth of bud will get sick but I’ve gotten stoned with my dog on numerous accounts and all she does is help me kill my munchies. And she is part Labrador Retriever.

  43. josephbob27

    Why don’t you blame the dumb people leaving marijuana around close enough for dogs to get to , you don’t leave an opened bottle of xanaex and peanut butter next to each other on the ground , fucking stupid media always trying to bash weed our young generation will change the world with this medicine you just wait and see

  44. gfgoalie28

    there’s a difference between you blowing smoke in your dog’s face like a dickhead and it ingesting possibly a large amount of medical-grade marijuana.

  45. cesar saenz

    We know weed doesn’t kill dogs yb the just the numbers off dogs that have been getting high for ages and not dying.

  46. cesar saenz

    that retarded i bet 20 bucks the dogs died from the chocolate and not the weed.

  47. MegaNednarb

    reminds me of due date

  48. gfgoalie28

    Yeah? Are you a veteranarian or just making unfounded assumptions? Marijuana doesn’t kill humans, but then again neither does chocolate.

  49. crazyartv951

    Its wats in the edibles that probrally killed them . But foreals becarefull when u give your dog weed . Give it a little first cuz they get higher than we do and they mite panic. But my friends blew smoke into my chihuahuas house becuz she most likely has cancer but I let them do it carwfully .she was real tired she wasnt falling or anything but the next day she was happy

  50. john trollsalot

    at 45 secs in who sees the feet in the backround

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