Jan 14

Showing Different Medical Marijuana Strains (All Indoor And Organically Grown) (1080p) (HD)

Nowadays we are seeking at and talking about afew distinct healthcare cannabis strains. All of the strains demonstrated have been developed within and have been given nothin…
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http://dispensaries.org 29 Purple Health care Marijuana Strains.
Video Score: 4 / five

48 comments on “Showing Different Medical Marijuana Strains (All Indoor And Organically Grown) (1080p) (HD)

  1. HAZ-EK9 on said:

    Man if ur going to show off something don’t lag show it

  2. Bard Mccartney on said:


  3. Parker Jones on said:

    for 15 years your friend could improve on a lot of things. Not to mention
    he sucks at trimming…

  4. Jezzy Huerta on said:

    Beautiful !

  5. rene jaimes on said:

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  6. Eunice Lewis on said:

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  7. Blahnuts33 on said:


  8. dominic2014 on said:

    obviously they’re both sativas… XD

  9. Ka'imi'loa B. on said:

    Unless your scared for the public to know you’re from Rhode Island, that is
    where I remember M.O.B. coming from, and I’m 3,900+ miles into the

  10. Nathan Donahue on said:

    I just lost two chemdawgs to heat. Awesome plant to grow and smoke. Sorry
    bout the comment below.. I was being a smart ass. Nice vid.

  11. Nathan Donahue on said:

    That does not look at all like trainwreck brother..sorry. I specalize in
    cultivating T wreck. Not saying it isn’t though for sure…

  12. steven boyer on said:

    what kind of cam is that? i notice its auto focus

  13. 90markviiLSC on said:

    U need better lighting try a black background with the light behind the

  14. Jordanz1017 on said:

    Leafy AF not the best

  15. Andrew Hornbaker on said:

    “your body can still functionate really really well” at least you made sure
    to use well and not good. :P

  16. Devin Stevens on said:

    Nice video bro, try out some kosher kush.

  17. con502 on said:

    Some very nice strains you have here, passit. BLUEGRASS.

  18. 90markviiLSC on said:

    Are u sure this guy knows what he’s doin, weed that good should be tight
    and NOT covered in leaves

  19. Jay Trimmel on said:


  20. Curtis Potter on said:

    you got me at the end with that M.O.B! I got some of that, up probly from
    your state, at the end of april. guys from dynasty seeds hooked us up. Shit
    is some bomb bomb!! lol Shout out to Pony of Los Marijuanos and the Guys
    from dynasty for smoking us out on a bunch of it, of course I had to leave
    with some :)

  21. 90markviiLSC on said:

    Omg cut off those leaves. Wtf is with all the leaves, is that shit cured,
    that’s a lazy cure

  22. Link Sword on said:

    bitch u dont got a gf faggit

  23. Antonio Fab on said:

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  24. LADskateboarding on said:

    1:57 god daaawn !!!

  25. matthew defoe on said:

    List? only a few have names on their image… whats the point if your not
    going to say whats what?

  26. Drew Grow on said:

    That purple sure makes the Trichs pop out at you

  27. anthony benoit on said:

    @KEEPit100bo you need to stop being an illiterate moron and educate
    youself. this isnt the hood “wippin wit da killaz” and things like that.
    some people…whats it called?…o yeah LEARN.

  28. DingandDong420 on said:

    0:29 Never even seen shit that purple. Am I a noob, or is that way too

  29. Bailey Holden on said:

    i think i’m in love :’)

  30. wabtee johnson on said:

    they did XD

  31. weedman420147 on said:

    @DakodaWolff THC is not pollen!!

  32. jml21491 on said:

    9 power hungry cops smoked weed and cryed them selves to sleep there first

  33. DakodaWolff on said:

    i feel sorry for those who are deathly allergic to pollen (because that’s
    what THC is).

  34. @DakodaWolff hahaha dude its the internet if your little sister is going to
    get offended by youtube and cry for hours she shouldnt be on the cpu
    anyway. haters are gonna hate get used to it

  35. Grizz G on said:

    YouTube “my dopes dope”

  36. PaulRx4 on said:

    Too toasted to put names on some??? We understand.

  37. 2g4life on said:

    its easy to turn the leafs on plant purple just drop temp extreme before

  38. crazzyguy99 on said:

    midnight urkel……

  39. fortgreene31 on said:

    this is some sexy ass buds fucking alll of them. N.Y don’t have shit.
    That’s why im moving to cali fuck that shit. This August im out there with
    my family Peace and love to all.

  40. Rsspecial1 on said:

    @DakodaWolff OK you really are fucking thick! Jesus H christ you moron, you
    cant even go and do some research yourself. you fucking idiot. LOL you need
    to understand what trichomes are, what resin is, and what male plant pollen
    is. you aint got a clue. look into polm too, fucking idiot. Go hang

  41. DakodaWolff on said:

    Anyway, I always knew THC is not pollen. Apparently, she didn’t.

  42. travis bickle on said:

    fuhh cough

  43. replymycomments on said:

    weed can be so seducing… :p

  44. pergakis7870 on said:

    Nailed it. Chumps like different colors even though several strains have
    higher THC levels

  45. lilmarwanrock on said:

    @happyhomie4 and it takes looooooonnnnnngggggg too load but worth the wait!

  46. daniel kim on said:

    i have only had Purple urkel, grandaddy, grape ape, purple kush… i wanna
    try all 29

  47. 308rem150horn2 on said:

    @penguiiin no a sativa has more thc to cbd ratios which will give more
    heady and racy phsycoactive effects while the indicas have more cbd to thc
    ratios which will give a pain reducing relaxed high that is somewhat
    sleepy. hazes are sativas that give energy and the head high and kushes are
    indicas that give the couch-locky body high. if you want to make sure you
    can research it, there is A LOT of info to look into. lol

  48. 420topramen on said:

    Gods Gift!