Aug 12

should president Obama legalize cannabis so America will start to generate some cold hard cash?!?

Question by Giggle Bear: need to president Obama legalize hashish so The united states will commence to generate some cold difficult money?!?
what do you think?

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Reply by robot_hooker5
I think it is a stupid concept. We need to have to get the nation’s efficiency up, not have our function power lazing around on the couch in a daze and seeking treats although laughing at cartoons.

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29 comments on “should president Obama legalize cannabis so America will start to generate some cold hard cash?!?

  1. Liberals are Douche Bags! on said:

    No. Why do all the supporters of Obama want pot to be legal? That’s saying something about the people who elected him.

  2. musicman812 on said:

    Only to be countered by an increase in costs for policing the stoners who wish to publicize their “enlightenment”…

    It was made illegal on false science but that doesn’t take away from those who will use it irresponsibly and cause problems. And to be honest, you can find it easily as it is…cheaper than it will be if the government imposes taxes on it.

  3. Watchful Occupier on said:

    I have about half an acre for the cause.

  4. Flying Car on said:

    nope. If it became legal it would become worthless. It’s value comes form the fact it is illegal. If jelly droughts became illegal and I owned a bakery and still sold jelly droughts I would charge more for them.

  5. Bill B on said:

    If he legalizes it it will be more expensive.

  6. Dog Father on said:

    It is legal in California go to doc and get your slip.

  7. R U MY GRANDKIDS' DADDY on said:


  8. fdm215 on said:

    I think the president doesn’t have the authority to legalize cannabis.

  9. ImOldGreg on said:

    It should be.

  10. Need a bailout? O'tay! on said:

    OH goodness no….all those people on welfare wouldn’t be able to use their food stamps on weed…they sure would buy up all the Cheetos though

  11. He would have to legalize pedophilia so that republicans don’t feel cheated.

  12. Pilgrim on said:

    Marijuana is a “risk” behavior.

    So is operating a car.

    Any and all risk behaviors have a social cost and require social responsibility.

    Automobile insurance transfers the risk from the individual to “like exposure units”. i.e. others who also engage in the risk behavior.

    So should it be with “cannabis”, heroin, liquor, crack, flying airplanes, bungee jumping and snowboarding.

    In a truly free society responsible people can manage their own affairs and the government should have no say. The only thing that should be illegal is reckless, socially irresponsible risk taking.

    Liberty is a cop asking a crack user “Do you have insurance to smoke crack?” If the answer is “Yes”, the cop’s next question might be “How would you like to buy some more?” AND IT WOULD BE OK!

  13. Buck Futter on said:

    Yes !! Yes !! Yes !! Yes !! Yes !! Yes !! Yes !! Yes !! Yes !! Yes !!
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  14. Unka Dano on said:

    You’re suppose to give ideas that HELP America.

  15. bailie28 on said:

    i guess that would be one way to ensure he becomes king obama..huh and all his welfare peeps will be able to smoke it in public…i mean cause we all know a large percentage smoke it now

  16. Pluto C. Rat on said:

    It’s illegal everywhere globally. Who would you sell to??

  17. Deborah on said:

    No because it would only reinforce the sad stereotype that minorities are more incline to be into cannabis than Whites. Let the white man legalize it instead.

  18. hsmomlovinit on said:

    Ok, your other question about being a far left-wing liberal? It means you think stuff like this is a good idea.

    No, we shouldn’t legalize drugs to get cash…we should once and for all expect people to actually be accountable for their actions so they’ll stop spending three times as much as they make. Then, America could generate some cold hard cash.

  19. letterstoheather on said:

    I about cracked up at the first answer you got. I’m with him! LOL

  20. yutsnark on said:

    That’s not his call. The president doesn’t make the laws.

  21. truth hurts on said:

    It would be great to blow some smoke up a Republicans a$ $

  22. Veggie Soup on said:

    If your talking about taxing pot not going to happen.

    Pot heads will still buy illegally, from their dealers to avoid the weed tax.

    Taxing pot will not work.

  23. greenjellybean on said:

    oh yes. Legalize marijuana. That will fix all the problems associated with it. While we’re at it we should just legalize ecstasy, lcd, cocaine, heroine, drunk driving, theft, murder, etc. Then we won’t have to deal with any “criminals” anymore because everything will be legal. We won’t have the problem of overcrowded prisons. We’ll be able to tax the hell out of everything.

    Ok, so I kid. But the point is, there’s no logic behind this argument.

  24. It would stop the Mexican drug war!

  25. MonaLisa on said:

    I could rent my yard out and subsidize my mortgage.

  26. Your #1 fan on said:

    Legalize all drugs
    Free up the courts and empty the prisons and put real criminals there
    Save money on law enforcement
    Tax it heavily thereby raising a crap load of money
    It would create jobs too for people who have been growing it already. Then they would have to pay income tax on it as well. Don’t forget money raised through exports and import tariffs too.

    It would solve a lot of our problems but sadly we are not ready for such a bold move as a nation yet.

  27. McCain's a butt sniffer! on said:

    I don’t personally smoke pot but I do believe that personal use and cultivation should be decriminalized…. the ONLY reason it has been outlawed for so long is because the oil derivatives from it can cure cancer

  28. David S on said:

    President Obama can only sign a bill that has passed congress first. The legislature is the law making body here. I think your BF whom you mention in another question is correct in that you are blind as to how government works and are in favor of your agenda by any means legal or not. Generating cash isn’t a reason to pass a law. Would you support legalizing murder to generate revenue as an income tax levied against the perpetrator in murder for hire cases?

  29. Patrick B on said:

    The best ways to look at it and to try to decide if it should be legalized is to break it down and look at the pros and cons of it.
    Reasons to keep it illegal:

    It’s a gateway drug.
    Not true. There is no scientific evidence that smoking marijuana is linked to taking harder drugs. Marijuana smoking generally precedes the use of harder drugs, but that’s because it’s the easier drug to get. If we used that logic then cigarettes and alcohol are the true “gateway” drugs because teens generally smoke and drink before they get high.

    It makes people stupid.
    Not true. It lowers reaction speeds and can lessen cognitave reasoning slightly, but the image of the mindless stoner is a hollywood myth. Pot smokers exist in every industry and career in the world. They function smoothly and without idiot stoner mistakes.

    Legalizing it will make the workforce unproductive.
    Not all stoners are lazy. Most are productive members of society. If it was legalized workplaces would still have the right to deny you to smoke while you worked, much like alcohol. Some people would abuse that privelege (just like they do with alcohol), but those are the same people who are already doing it. If stoners are that unproductive, how exactly Did Phelps win EIGHT gold medals at the Olympics?

    It cause health risks
    So does overeating, alcohol, cigarettes, cell phones, car fumes, not excersizing, caffeiene, and some forms of dieting. We live in a country where we’re allowed to harm our bodies as we see fit. Why is this one form of poison not allowed in our systems while so many other are?

    It’s an addictive substance.
    Not true. There are no scientific studies that prove that marijuana is an addictive substance. Nicotine, caffeine, alcohol, and opiates are the most highly addictive substances in the world, and they’re all legal here in the US.

    Reason to legalize:
    California made over 15 million in taxes last year from medical marijuana facilities. The federal government made even more than that. If it was fully legalized, Cali predicts they’ll make BILLIONS in taxes. The federal government will make even more, because federal taxes are always higher.

    Job creation
    We’ll need new jobs for regulation, sales, growing (small grow setups won’t survive) distribution, and marketing (although it pretty much sells itself). Small hometown operations will survive making high quality products, while major nationwide corporations will sell wholesale products. There will be thousands of new jobs created, making even more income taxes.

    The Government spends billions on the “war on drugs” right now. Much of that could be saved if we no longer needed to hunt down growers, sellers and users. We’d also save all the money wasted on the persecution and incarceration of criminals involved with the sales and use of marijuana. So in addition to the billions in taxes we’d make, we’d save billions as well.

    Other forms of Revenue
    I watched an interview with inspectors from the EPA. They wanted marijuana legalized so they could regulate the “grow houses” and fine them for not being in compliance with federal regulations. A lot of illegal grow houses use gasoline generators to run their lights. They’re not properly maintained and can leak oil. That’s a $ 50,000 fine every time it happens. The EPA would keep it from happening (yeah enviroment) and make additional revenue from the fines.

    I’m all for legalizing it and creating an entirely new economy. Or we could keep having people break the law to do it, and spend money to try and stop them.