Mar 16

Ron Paul and Mitt Romney Both Speak To Same Dying Medical Marijuana Patient

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12 comments on “Ron Paul and Mitt Romney Both Speak To Same Dying Medical Marijuana Patient

  1. Michaela Calabrese on said:

    Ron Paul is an anti-semitic, xenophobic, anti-public welfare dickbag too. . . so. . . ya. fuck ron paul and romney. they can both suck it.

  2. TattooYou420 on said:

    Both are Republican unfortunately…
    Break free from the party mentality & be a free thinker. Vote for the best guy because when you align yourself with a certain party, sometimes, at one point you compromise morals, values, beliefs for the sake for the party.

    Ron Paul 2012

  3. Haley Fedotenko on said:

    What a beautiful contrast between an arrogant sociopath and a hero with concerns for real people. Romney: I don’t agree with what you said so I’m just going to insult you to your face and walk away. Dr. Paul: I will work with you and help you any way I can, because I care about your well-being.

  4. TattooYou420 on said:

    Not that I’m saying he SHOULD have dodged it, but I’m just pointing out Romney was NOT the best guy, nor the most politically intellectual guy, he is the CHOSEN ONE we have been forced with, bottom line…

    I’m still writing Ron Paul in either way. I’m done voting for the lesser of two evils.

  5. TattooYou420 on said:

    The ABSOLUTE LEAST Romney could have said was; “It is not something I believe in but once I am elected we will look at every option available to make your life pain-free.”
    THAT’S how you dodge a question as a Politician. Not the absolutely sickening way Romney did it…

  6. tallgrinny on said:

    just goes to show you romney is a son of a bitch just like obama what kind of person would turn their back so callously on a dying wheelchair patient…to save his own political ass…when you are givin 2 major candidates that are both jerks and thats your choices it is NOT A FREE AND DEMOCRATIC NATION…there is only one solution and it is our right and duty constitutionally to forcibly remove the current government and instate someone like ron paul remove the influence of corporations

  7. DillonDee1 on said:

    Ron Paul – Brilliant

    Romney — a Doofus

  8. RPauliticalPeace on said:

    Who would be the better President?

  9. mrearlygold on said:

    When you say one stop does that mean you can be a patients primary care physician too?

  10. Trent Mac on said:

    Got my rec here. very professional and friendly

  11. utubenoob78 on said:

    bogus… they just want your money plain and simple..

  12. bapemo49 on said:

    Are such places covered by Medicare . Is medical marihuana covered by Medicare? I have the secret M disease. I am in constant pain. Nothing in Tx. helps.