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Q&A: Why is medical marijuana more controversial than medical heroin?

Question by hayuluvme: Why is healthcare marijuana more controversial than medical heroin?
Why do men and women make such a large fuss in excess of medical cannabis but not medical heroin? I have even heard politicians (who should be educated a minor bit on all troubles like this) say that there are “far better” alternate options than marijuana but they have worse side outcomes, the threat of actual physical addiction, and a threat of overdose. It are unable to just be that the men and women are ignorant .

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Answer by celebrate
I think he herion would be utilised to assist individuals get off of addiction. I have in no way read of it but if it is used to relieve a man or woman throughout a detox it is the only alternative. MJ is not utilized to simplicity a person of of an addiction but it’s use can be addictive.

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6 comments on “Q&A: Why is medical marijuana more controversial than medical heroin?

  1. I think that its due to the fact that most people don’t even know that there is a medical form of heroine! And yeah people are ignorant too!

  2. Shut Up and Hope on said:

    Are you referring to methadone? It’s used to get people to quit heroine.

    I think you are the one who is confused. What medical purpose is marijuana for?

    Gluacoma? It only works while the person is smoking it. The eye pressure goes right back up immediately after toking.

    Pain? It is controversial whether or not this is true.

    The only possible use is as an anti-emetic.

    Methadone is proven to work and is a nessecity in getting people off of heroine. A big reason why marijuana is not being legalized – is because a lot of people who want it legalized pretend to hide behind “medical marijuana” as their reasoning.

  3. abipolarmind on said:

    There is no such thing as medical heroin, although morphine is close. The 10th amendment makes federal drug laws illegal. Ever wonder why we needed a Constitutional Amendment to make alcohol illegal but not other drugs? Medicinal marijuana is illegal because it replaces many drugs that make a LOT of money. Visit abipolarmind.com and write your representative.

  4. I don’t know of any legitimate uses for “medical heroin.” However, heroin is an opiate and there are certainly plenty of those to go around in the medical field, along with their addictions. Methadone is an opiate used to get people off heroin, but it creates an even worse problem in that it is more addicting and much harder to kick than the heroin itself.

    Medical marijuana is now legal in 14 states. Still against federal law, because federal government refuses to acknowledge that it has any medical purpose, despite a 5000 year history of safety and usefulness in many cultures around the world, including the US prior to it’s being made illegal.

    People make a “huge fuss over” MMJ because the same government that made it illegal has done their best for the past 70 years to make people believe the propaganda they put out about the drug. Those that believe it are convinced of it’s harm, while those who have tried it know better. Meanwhile, government agencies continue to haunt us with tales of mental midgets and couch potatoes, while at the same time preventing any meaningful research into potential benefits of the drug. In many cases, marijuana IS the better alternative to opiates. Opiates can be prescribed by a doctor, and pharmaceutical companies continue to profit from them. Big pharma sees no profit in marijuana since it’s a weed and anyone can grow it. Their job has become to support continued prohibition, meanwhile working on isolating various compounds from the plant. There have already been a number of patents applied for and/or issued for various cannabinoids. Marinol, a licensed FDA drug, is synthetic THC. It amazes me how they can call a synthetic version of a natural plant component a legal and effective remedy, but the plant itself remains illegal.
    It’s a crazy world we live in, but more and more it seems marijuana is becoming more mainstream and I can only hope government comes to it’s senses and repeals this prohibition. It didn’t work for alcohol, and guess what? It still doesn’t work.

  5. Nate F on said:

    Of course there is a such thing as medical herione…. many types of different pain pills contain opiates just like heroine.

    So fuck you “Shut Up and Hope”, you fascist ignorant fucking nazi.

  6. The Dude on said:

    Because everyone knows Marijuana should be legal and available to anyone….it’s a joke to consider it only safe as prescribed by Dr.