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Q&A: Where can I find reliable information on THC effect on a fetus?

Issue by happy-dance: Where can I find reliable details on THC result on a fetus?
Smoking or ingesting marijuana throughout being pregnant – please explain to me websites I can analysis this. I never want biased sites (nothing at all that encourages or discourages). I just want details. And please, NO personalized judgement. I am asking for back links to internet sites with data. Only documented information, study, and examine. No thoughts, please!

Again, I am not inquiring if you consider it is okay or negative, I am inquiring for medical information and facts.

Thank you.

Ideal response:

Solution by brevejunkie
Your ideal guess would be to phone either an ob/gyn or a pediatrician.

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7 comments on “Q&A: Where can I find reliable information on THC effect on a fetus?

  1. Otis F on said:

    Q: If a woman is pregnant and smokes marijuana, will it hurt the baby?

    A: Doctors advise pregnant women not to use any drugs because they could harm the growing fetus. Although one animal study has linked marijuana use to loss of the fetus very early in pregnancy, two studies in humans found no association between marijuana use and early pregnancy loss. More research is necessary to fully understand the effects of marijuana use on pregnancy outcome.

    Studies in children born to mothers who used marijuana have shown increased behavioral problems during infancy and preschool years. In school, these children are more likely to have problems with decisionmaking, memory, and the ability to remain attentive(2).

    Researchers are not certain whether health problems that may be caused by early exposure to marijuana will remain as the child grows into adulthood. However, since some parts of the brain continue to develop throughout adolescence, it is also possible that certain kinds of problems may appear as the child matures.

  2. BonesofaTeacher on said:

    going to be hard because they can’t do much research on that.
    and since it is illegal it’s going to be hard to get preg moms to admit they did it. hard to get good data on this one.
    i mean try to think of how the research could be done and
    be accurate and factual?

  3. mimi on said:

    if you’re looking for medical information and facts, then you should just come out and ask your ob/gyn…they’re the only ones who can tell you without just saying “don’t do it”

    good luck

  4. jade on said:

    can’t u even handle 9 months without doing dope? ask ur ob/gyn. why’d u get pregnant in the first place?

  5. Kurtis G on said:

    There hasn’t been any legitimate studies done. I tried to find anything that was done by a respected research facility or team and found nothing but opinion.

  6. barefeet561 on said:

    I haven’t been able to find much when I searched just now, I listed my search below.

    I was looking at one time because a friend tried to tell me her doctor told her smoking a joint once and a while was fine during pregnancy. I didn’t believe her. This was a long time ago though, and the internet wasn’t what it is today.

    Long story short, I found all sorts of crap, scary stuff and some freaky things too, mostly at the library, but never anything documented that followed through past birth. I think its because you really won’t find many women who will participate in studies or share information for fear of retribution to their unborn.

    What I can say is my friend did smoke pot during her pregnancy and her little girl was born perfectly fine. I saw her last at 6 years old and she was a little wiz kid. Would she have been Einstein if her mom hadn’t smoked….? Who knows.

  7. Mommy of 6 on said:

    I found some interesting info at http://www.babyzone.com and http://www.nida.nih.gov/Infofacts/marijuana.html Hope these help you too