May 12

Q&A: What would happen if a schizophrenic smoked marijuana?

Question by Brad: What would occur if a schizophrenic smoked marijuana?
Would the hashish improve the hallucinations skilled by a schizophrenic or would it suppress them?

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Answer by Dylan
It would most likely loosen up them dependent on the particular person

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One comment on “Q&A: What would happen if a schizophrenic smoked marijuana?

  1. Martin on said:

    Alot of people with schizophrenia claim that weed does help them ( i am assuming his is not given by a doctor), however it may calm them but the long term effects of it are unlikely to be beneficial. Both my parents have worked in mental health for close to 30 years and rank high now, but have worked their way up, the amount of patients who had mild schizophrenia and smoked weed that ended up with a much more extreme case is unbelievable.
    So in short my opinion from my parents experience is that eventually it will make it worse if he carries on long term, and that there isn’t much you can do besides getting him to speak to his doctor.