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Q&A: What type of law does a medical marijuana lawyer study?

Question by : What type of legislation does a health related marijuana lawyer analyze?
I’m curious to know what kind of legislation diploma legal professionals who observe in health related cannabis conditions normally research for.

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6 comments on “Q&A: What type of law does a medical marijuana lawyer study?

  1. tom4bucs on said:

    ALL of it

    I believe their degree is a Juris Doctorate

    not just a Bachelors – so they know a lot

    all the best

  2. Smells like New Screen Names on said:

    criminal law

    Anyone who claims that this is their specialty is just saying “I defend a lot pf potheads.”

    This isn’t an actual, separate field of law.

  3. All lawyers have the same degree…and all can practice in any area…

  4. Exec Pot Head on said:

    A law degree.
    Graduates of Law School receive a Doctor of Jurisprudence (abbreviated J.D.). To practice law the graduate passes the Bar for the State and begins a study or specialized area of practice.
    Every JD studies the same thing; choices for assignments allow the student get a feel for different area of the law. Then go on to do bankruptcy, divorce, criminal, etc. They also chose to prosecute or defend.

  5. Defense attorney of criminal law….

  6. Brenda L on said:

    The Medical Marijuana field does not just encompass criminal law. Today, there is a great deal of civil, real property, zoning, injunctions, local municipal ordinances,etc. involved with medical marijuana representation. Above is correct – a law degree is not area specific. Unlike contracts and real property – this area of law is developing right in front of us (in CA the medical marijuana law is re-defined and interpreted about every 8- 12 weeks by the courts), making it an interesting area for self-education.